Obstructed View – Reflections on the Bournemouth (H) Game

Sorry it’s late; I have no valid excuse, apart from getting married yesterday! Slightly briefer OV as a result, my attentions need to be elsewhere…..

What can you say? It has to be Oumar Niasse doesn’t it, and I doubt I can say much that hasn’t been said. I was pretty fed up and not just from anticipating the agro on social media, as we apparently lurched towards a very uncomfortable defeat, this time against an allegedly ‘easier’ opposition. Easier than Man U certainly, but not a game you can call ‘easy’, because of course we know no such thing exists.

And then the saviour enters the fray. Some have said that Niasse is still a poor striker; he may well be further down the league table than Lukaku, but if the only time you’d seen Oumar was Saturday, you’d be eulogising his movement, you’d be stunned by his strike, and you’d be impressed with his bravery as he bundled his second in off his ear and shoulder, before making sure with a deft swing of his right boot. He looked fit, he looked keen, he won the ball back (having lost it having the shown all the deft touch of a hippo), and he showed the workrate that Blues love in a striker. Well, in any player really.

He’s not likely to get us 25 goals a season, but I bet he gets us a dozen or maybe more. And I couldn’t be happier for him; an exemplary attitude after RK has treated him marginally better than an errant piece of dog poo on his shoe, and now (and I’m not proud of putting these two images side by side) he’s going to have to eat Humble Pie. Give the lad a chance. You can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

Can we stop all this Klaassen is crap nonsense? Ok, no one surely would start him now ahead of Tom Davies, but maybe as well? And let’s not forget, Tom hadn’t played that well every game this season anyway. Klaassen played in one of the least intensive leagues in Europe, but played exceptionally well for a Europa League finalist club with all the heritage and history of Ajax. And I don’t mean the bathroom cleaner (google it kids). Give him time, support him, how exactly does saying “he’s crap” help the lad, help the team? Get behind him. He knows he’s not yet firing on all cylinders but he can, and he will.

So do what we do best. Support the players. Especially ones who we might think are misfits and then turn in to heroes.


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