5 reasons why signing Rooney makes perfect sense

One: Wayne Rooney delivers goals – Before we totally write him off, let’s remember he is only 31 years old. Ronald Koeman has demanded productivity from his team and an Everton side with Wayne Rooney in it will be far more productive. Despite only starting 15 Premier League matches last season, Rooney played a part in 10 goals (5 goals scored and 5 assists). He contributed a further 5 goals (2 goals scored, 3 assists) in the Europa League, this despite only starting 4 matches. This is a player who is far from finished. It is far from certain that Romelu Lukaku will be an Everton player next season, but whether the Belgium remains at Goodison or not, having a player of Wayne Rooney’s quality in support, will boost the goal tally of whoever lines up as Everton’s main striker.


Two: Wayne Rooney is a winner – 5 Premier League winners medals, 1 FA Cup, 4 League Cups, the Champions League, the Europa League and the World Club Championship. This is a man who knows how to win. A driven, performer who always gives 100%. This winning mentality is exactly what we want within our squad, his experience will be invaluable, especially should we reach the latter stages of competitions.

Three: Wayne Rooney has a desire to prove people wrong – Many have started to write Rooney off, he has lost his place in the England squad and is no longer first choice for Manchester United. If you haven’t seen the social media videos, Wayne Rooney has been training throughout the off season to ensure he is in top shape for the new season. He remains determined to make the World Cup next summer and the only way he is going to achieve that aim is to have an impressive season in the Premier League. Everton, should they sign him, will be the ones to benefit.

Four: Wayne Rooney provides depth to the squad – Last season, due to the lack of European football and early defeats in both domestic cup competitions, Everton played just 41 matches. This season, the Blues will be hoping to play in the high 50’s and if they are to successfully compete on 4 fronts, we are going to need a quality squad with depth in every position. Even if Rooney doesn’t arrive as first choice (I think he will) then he will provide valuable quality and experience in key fixtures, especially in the Europa League which will place significant demands on the Everton squad.

Five: Wayne Rooney is highly marketable – There are two threads to this argument. Yes, Wayne Rooney will help sell shirts, that is without question. He is a worldwide name, with huge appeal, particularly in Asia, where Everton’s reach remains weak. Prior to last season, when sales of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirts pushed Rooney down the pecking order, Rooney was the sixth most popular name across the world on the back of a football shirt. However, more importantly for me, is the pull and attraction he will have on other players. Signing Wayne Rooney will make other top players sit up and take note. It would send a clear signal out to perspective signings that Everton are looking to challenge the teams at the top of Premier League and have ambitions to crack Europe.


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