Obstructed View – Reflections on the Arsenal (A) Game

If you want a laugh, a friend of mine, a Gooner admittedly, thinks Koscielny’s red card was harsh. Hilarious (not that Valencia thought so, or when Gabriel could also have seen Red for his chopping action in the second half). Anyway, that’s about the only thing that we can smile about after a limp defeat (again) in the Capital as our season ends with a whimper not a bang.

Just in case this is the last time we see Lukaku in Everton Blue, er, just in case, I’ve treated you all to his solid penalty, with an ironic twist of another potential departee looking on in the background, and I don’t mean Danny Welbeck. Will Ross sign or not. I’m afraid it’s reached the “whatever” stage, and I’m too old to be using the phrase, let alone the accompanying shoulder shrug. I couldn’t be more certain that Rom will leave, “double whatever” if that’s even a phrase, as it’s a case of what will be, will be. We won the league in ’87 (that’s 1987 to be clear) after selling the prolific Lineker, so the world does indeed keep turning after our better players move on. I can’t even be bothered to debate whether they should or shouldn’t, will or won’t, but I would say that I’d love them both to stay. But if Lukaku isn’t lining up at Goodison Park in a Chelsea Away kit some time in 17/18, I’d be hugely surprised.

We move on. This piece is not going to be a review of the season, sorry, wait another day for that gem, just a review of what the hell happened not just yesterday, but these last few weeks.

Jan Kluitenberg tweeted that he hoped we’d end our season at the Emirates in “a Everton way (sic)”. Well, he got his wish. I’m struggling to remember a season in recent times when we’ve finished anything other than poorly, and by “poorly” I’m being hugely generous to yesterday’s limp display. Ok, nothing to play for, the added bonus of being beaten and potentially denying Liverpool a Champions League place in the process, assuming of course Martin Atkinson doesn’t deny Boro a blatant penalty and resulting red card, not that that could possibly happen, but let’s not be bitter. No, really, let’s not. The reality is that for several weeks there has been little to play for, mustering enough enthusiasm for the task in our last Home Game to beat the mighty Watford, but other than that, defeats to Arsenal, Chelsea and Swansea and an abysmal 0-0 at the Un’appy ‘Ammers proved that when you really don’t believe you can get higher than 7th, surprise surprise, you don’t. Instead, we finish a distant 8 points from 6th, but a massive 14 points above 8th. Plucky little Everton, nearly disturbing the comfort of the Top Sky 6, but not quite, but living in their own somewhat isolated world in Glorious 7th. Glorious. No. Anyway, as I said, not a season’s review. Honest.

Instead we got treated to not much really. A poor cameo from Our New Scouse Hero Tom Davies, some excellent stops by our Spanish Stopper, some nifty feet from departing (I assume) Valencia, and intermittent purring and gliding from our Frenchman From Near Germany Schneiderlin (but mainly a stuttering backfiring jolting going over speed bumps too fast) were all that I can recall frankly. Apart from Bellerin being afforded the freedom of the park with Mirallas curiously being lured inside to do bugger all, except of course to expose his Left Full Back. It would have been lovely if Kone had bagged a goal, if only to see what goal celebration he’d leave us with, but it was not to be, and instead, our players can now officially do what they’ve been doing since the middle of April – relax.

It would have been nice to end on a high, but it was, again, not to be. But I can reflect on a season of positives, but as I said, this isn’t a review of the season so you’ll have to wait on that little gem….

Happy Saturdays Blues, no more anxious looks at the watch for a while, but it’s only 2 months until we’ll be savouring an away trip to Iceland/Belorussia/Ukraine/Slovenia or the like.

I, for one, can’t wait, wherever that journey takes us.

Ross Crombie


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