Obstructed View – Reflections on the Leicester City (A) Game

Congratulations to Leicester City, not just for yesterday, but for winning the Premiership title. We can only applaud you……and look on in envy.


You would have beaten Everton 8-0 if you hadn’t have been on the pop since Monday. We were hopeless, hapless, helpless, and yet at least our defending was helpful. To you anyway.

Bearing in mind this blog is for Evertonians, I’m writing this for that audience so any Leicester fan reading this can stop now if they want to read about the excellence of their play yesterday, and most days from August to May.

Instead, we had a left back playing at right back, despite a right back on the bench. We played a £13.5m striker so obviously unfit (and mostly incapable as well) that we could hear his wheezing 20 miles up the A46 in Nottingham. We took off a lad who has been our best player for yonks to ironic cheers, and replaced him with a 93 year old Leon Osman, despite the precocious young talent in Kieron Dowell sitting next to him on the bench. And we continue to gift opponents goals from crosses, we are a distant 20th out of 20 for goals conceded from crosses, and goals conceded to headers, and nothing yesterday ever looked like it would change.

As supporters we sit, stand, and stomp our feet in frustration at the abysmal state of our team, and arguably our club. The agony is compounded at the ‘what might have been’ if we had been able to capitalise on the collective malaise of the big money clubs, with a team that has widely been touted as one of the best for years. Best potential maybe. Potential realised? Don’t even think it.

Instead, I’m shelling out £80 for 2 tickets for the last home game of the season, and over £1k for 2 season tickets for 16/17. I must be mad, certainly a masochist, because nothing I saw yesterday makes me think I’ll see anything better next season, and a grand is a lot to shell out (and you can double that with my travel costs and car parking every home match) just for a load of gallows humour if relegation is the prospect, and if you’d watched that yesterday, you’d have assumed you were watching Villa not Everton, so it’s a realistic prospect.

The only hope, and it is the only one I can think of right now, is that in Moshiri, a man who has made billions out of being a very clever business man, has a plan, and that plan doesn’t involve Martinez, or some of the flawed talent on show yesterday. Over 3k Everton supporters went to that game, a good many more watched it from behind their hands or sofa, and the way that loyalty (and cost) was rewarded, was that. That. Embarrassing. A laughing stock. I’m proud to be an Evertonian, it just doesn’t feel much like that at the moment.

Anyway, I feel sorry for Newcastle. Sunderland only need a win on Wednesday to condemn their Geordie neighbours to the second tier, and guess who they’re playing?

Ross Crombie


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