Three things Martinez has got wrong at Everton

The defeat of Newcastle United on Wednesday night was Roberto Martinez’ 100th Premier League game in charge of Everton. The win was his 40th and the three goals scored took the total goals scored to 152, just over 1.5 goals per game. But despite the overall stats placing him as the third most successful Everton manager in terms of win percentage, many Toffees continue to believe the manager should be dismissed.


In the second part of this two part special we have looked at Roberto Martinez’ weaknesses. In the first part which we published yesterday we highlight the three areas where Martinez has excelled.

One: Results football

Despite developing a really talent football team, Roberto Martinez has failed to deliver results driven football. In his first season he appeared to have found a good balance between attack and defence but since returning a record points return in that first campaign, wins have been at a premium.

Last season Everton won just 12 Premier League matches, this season the return is just 6 from 23 league games. In total just 18 wins from the last 61 matches, a win percentage of 30%.

So what has gone wrong, have teams found out Roberto’s approach? Has the talented squad not quite got the right mentality to perform consistently from one game to the next or are Everton under Martinez’ guidance getting it tactically wrong? The Blues have experienced some bad luck in recent weeks, but that does not excuse the run of poor results that has left Everton in the bottom half of the Premier League.

Two: Loyalty to players

Roberto Martinez has demonstrated tremendous loyalty to out of form players, sticking by them during bad times and in some cases he has been rewarded with a return to form (Barry and Barkley last season). Is loyalty to his players really a bad thing? However this approach has undoubtedly cost him points in both the Premier League and the opinion polls. The greatest example has to be Tim Howard, who has retained the number one spot in goal despite enduring a very difficult campaign. He looks devoid of confidence, his defence no longer believe in him, yet he has retained his starting spot throughout the season.

Three: Propaganda

During his first 12 months in charge Roberto Martinez got everything spot on. He reignited the desire to be successful amongst Evertonians with his constant references to the glory days. He spoke positively about all his players and the football club and in doing so significantly raised expectations. Over time however his strap lines began to grate on supporters, his standard phrases used to highlight the strengths of our phenomenal young players were used against him and his reluctance to publicly criticise his underperforming players frustrates Evertonians who want the manager to be as passionate and disappointed as they are.


5 thoughts on “Three things Martinez has got wrong at Everton

  1. Surprised you have not recorded how many times the woodwork has been hit, the officials wrong decisions,. Would Osman, McGrath, Browning, the two youn left backs that have been given the opportunity to play agree with your loyalty comment.Was that Mr Baines on the bench the other night? Is it not a fact tha we have more competition for positions than we have had in the past. Is it possible that that we are top of the league for matches drawn that have been so nearly wins. Has our manager been successful in the transfer market? Yes he has!

  2. Agree with the broad thrust of this and the ‘other’ post in the series. Misfortune has also played a part as Gaz has said, but we have also been masters of our own downfall on more than several occasions, and we are where we are – one could argue that luck balances itself out, in which case we may have an exciting run-in!

  3. I’d suggest the team aren’t drilled or disciplined enough in their approach which i believe is a coaching issue that sees us not being fit enough, and with no consequence for poor performance. I’ve been a Martinez hater since day one as I don’t think he was good enough, the first half of his first season surprised me, but I actually think what we now see week in week out crept in in the 2nd half of the first season, and become a cancer ever since. Moyes’ squads although not as talented footballers, could run all day. We’re a top 6 first 11, with a mid table remainder of the squad and a bottom 6 manager which equals mid table, that’s dangerous in itself as the top 6 first 11 will get frustrated with this and leave

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