Review – Tim Cahill Legacy

The majority of footballers autobiographies don’t normally sway to far from a set template, early life, football career, bit of controversy and their plans for the future. Although Tim Cahill’s book ‘Legacy’ covers most of this angles, minus the controversy, this book is a little different and all the better for it.


Tim’s career is covered, but not in infinite detail, just enough to keep you wanting more, however much of the book focuses on his struggle to make it as a professional against the odds, too short, too slow and too skinny, Tim is rejected by an amateur Australian side before making his dream a reality in England at Millwall and Everton.

Anyone who follows Tim’s social media accounts will know him as a family man, an Evertonian and a marketeers dream, but what took me be surprise was his total devotion to the ‘Everton way’. Since leaving Goodison, Tim has set about spreading the Everton way around the world, from a style of play and mentality he learnt from David Moyes to the youth formula that has developed the likes of Wayne Rooney and Ross Barkley, a formula he now teaches across Australia as he looks to revolutionise the way football is taught in his homeland.

“Once again, as in New York, I got the guys to play like Everton…After we got our goal, I got behind the ball, ran my arse off and kept yelling to my team-mates, Defend! Track back! Hold your shape!

Tim Cahill doesn’t have a bad word to say about Everton, a true ambassador for the football club and a passion for Everton and the city of Liverpool which will never diminish.

The book contains a couple of inaccuracies but overall a really good read for any Evertonian.



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