Enough is Enough – 5 Reasons Why It Is Time For Martinez To Go

In an attempt to make this piece as impartial as possible (not very possible), firstly, credit where credit is due. At the moment we have at our disposal probably the best squad of players since the last time we won the league, certainly in my life time, the key figures of which were either brought to the club by Martinez (Lukaku and Deulofeu) or have flourished since the arrival of Martinez (Stones and Barkley). Well done Roberto. Oh, and we are in the semi final of the Capital One Cup. Well done Roberto. Unfortunately Roberto, it ends there. On 10 August 2015 after a dismal opening day at home to Watford, I wrote a piece questioning the manager, though I was clear in that whilst I thought certain things needed addressing, I was not in the “Martinez Out” camp and in my opinion the correct thing to do at that time was to stick with the manager. Since then, the issues I raised have not been addressed. It’s time for Martinez to go, and here’s five reasons why:


1. Poor Game Management

In my 10 August piece, I made the point that all too often Martinez takes too long to make changes in games, and the changes he makes tend to be like for like, having little effect on the game. Can it be said that this has been rectified? Absolutely not. How many times this season and last have we sat in the stands begging for a change to alter the flow of a game? And how often does that change come in time for it to make a real difference, if it even comes at all? The game against Stoke yesterday was a prime example. We went 3-2 up with 19 minutes to go in the game, and on the pitch we had 5 “forwards”, in Lukaku, Kone (how Kone managed 90 minutes is beyond me but that‘s a rant for another day), Barkley, Deulofeu, and Naismith. What does Martinez do to sure up the game and ensure that we don’t concede again? Nothing. Sweet F A. Now I’m not naïve enough think that the fact we conceded twice in the last 19 minutes is solely down to the manager. However, a defensive substitution would have sent the players a message that we could not afford to squander that lead. What is the point of having a squad if you are not going to utilise it when it really matters?

2. Poor Man Management

I have completely lost faith in the way in which Martinez handles our players. Obviously, we are not partial to what goes on behind the scenes, but the way in which Martinez seemingly freezes players out of the first team picture is quite alarming. He did it with Distin, and this year Mirallas and Naismith have been the chosen two. Again, lets keep it in perspective. Distin was a player past his best, and both Mirallas and Naismith are far from consistent enough to regularly hold down a place in the first 11. However, was Distin that bad that he didn’t even warrant a place on the bench in the second half of last season? Are Mirallas and Naismith incapable of coming off the bench and changing a game. On the contrary, both have shown already this season that they can make an impact off the bench, so to not use them when they are fit and ready to go is criminal, particularly when there are players who do start regularly who are not performing. All this type of treatment will achieve is unhappy players who are devoid of confidence, which is not what we need going into a pivotal month of the season.

3. Reluctance To Drop His “Favourites”

Another point made in my 10 August piece. It cannot be denied that Martinez has his favourites who he will never drop regardless of how they perform. Gareth Barry is certainly one, though to his credit his performances have been 100% better this year when compared to last. However, how Arouna Kone is still starting games having had one good game against one of the worst teams in the league is beyond me. There is an element of truth in the “Lukaku plays better when he has a partner” argument, but there is only so much persevering you can do at this level and as far as I’m concerned, Kone is just not good enough. If I can see that, why can’t Martinez? Of course, by far the fans favourite to be dropped is the calamity that is Tim Howard. I felt a bit awkward as I typed the word “calamity”, as he has been a top player for us over the years, but those days are gone. He has single-handedly cost us more points than any other player this year due to his numerous mistakes and errors of judgment. His error for Stoke’s third yesterday was just the latest in a long line. Yet, as with Kone, Martinez has persevered. Bad, bad management. I don’t care how bad your replacement is (in this case, actually not that bad), when a player is so out of form as Howard, he needs to be taken out, if nothing else to give him a kick up the backside. Howard knows he won’t be dropped and therefore has no reason to raise his game. And what message is it sending to Joel Robles, when no matter how bad Howard plays and how many mistakes he makes and how many goals he concedes he starts the next game?

4. So, So Poor Defensively

But how good are we going forward I hear you cry? Well we need to be when we have to score 3 goals to win a game. I’ll keep this one simple:
28 goals conceded in 19 league games, 4 more than 17th placed Swansea City
19 goals conceded in 10 league home games
2 or more goals conceded in games against Watford, Barnsley, West Brom, Sunderland, Bournemouth, Leicester, Stoke and a Manchester United team who have failed to score in 7 of their 19 league games.

Despite having the top scorer in the league, and with only Leicester and Man City having scored more goals than us, we are 11th. Need I say more?

5. Most Importantly – Poor Results

Again, this one is best kept simple as the stats speak for themselves:

6 wins out of 19 league games, 3 out of 10 at home.

Since the beginning of October we have won 3 games in 12 in the league.

In the last 6 games against Bournemouth, Palace, Norwich, Leicester, Newcastle and Stoke we have taken just 6 points out of a possible 18.

We are on course to match last season’s win total of 12 wins out of 38, a season which the less said about the better.

Driving home from the game yesterday and listening to a local radio phone in, I heard a number of fans voice their support for Martinez. “This is not a crisis” they said, “Aston Villa’s situation is a crisis.” I have no problem with fans voicing their opinions as I do myself, and I will never tell anyone that their opinion is wrong. And yes, we may not be staring down the barrel of relegation as Aston Villa are. But make no mistake, this is a crisis. This is the most crucial Premier League season that there has ever been, for a number of reasons. The first is the fact that the division is so wide open, so much so that Leicester, Palace and Watford could all end up in a European place come the end of the season. The second is the new TV deal which comes into play next year. If we fail to finish in the European places this year and the teams just mentioned do, then what will be the point in having all that money when the best players won’t think twice about coming to us. We will be in serious danger of being overtaken by middle of the road teams who have no right to be above us.

Look at our team on paper and look where we are in the league. Change is needed now. Enough is enough.


11 thoughts on “Enough is Enough – 5 Reasons Why It Is Time For Martinez To Go

  1. Can I just add a sixth reasoN?
    This clown of a manager, in his naive incompetence will dismantle the best squad we’ve had in 3 decades. It’s highly unlikely we will see Europe next season, which means a fond farewell to our best young players who will depart to better teams. The beginning of the end…..

  2. You are talking nonsense! You are obviously watching too much Sky Sports, get in the real world. After 15 years of Walter Smith and David Moyes I for one do not mind us getting beat if it means watching some great football. Patience my friend is a virtue.

    1. Did you just say you don’t mind us getting beat if it means watching great football ? Words fail me and sadly it’s comments like this which mean we will end up in mid table mediocrity playing ‘great football’ and conceiding goals and losing games . For all the great football we play we are 11th and our manager is tactically inept. He talks garbage after games in fact he talks in riddles that no one can really understand. I have never rated him his teams look unbalanced and lack real leadership. He is arrogant and stubborn but to be fair has had his chance with a very good squad .. He just hasn’t taken it . I’d rather see my team win games not flatter to deceive . It’s a results business and it’s time for him and his naive and amateur coaching team to move on

  3. The mans out of his depth, the sooner he goes the better,carn’t defend to save his life. We’re playing like his wigin team,a joke.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the above comments. I not a knee jerk type of fan and appreciate the need for patience etc but we’re so consistently inconsistent its quite scary at this level of professional sport. In Martinez we have a very educated, well spoken football man and as a person I think Everton couldn’t find better but as a premiership manager I suspect we could. Under moyes we had an uncompromising man that didn’t exactly inspire confidence at times with his attacking approach and had a track record of ruining strikers but to be fair he made us consistently difficult to beat and towards the end especially last 2 or so seasons we did start to play some lovely stuff. Moyes for probably most of his tenure had to deal with cheap players with little or no technical flair but he got them playing above their skill levels. Look at his track record with players like Carsley, Osman, Jagielka, Neville, Baines, Distin, Coleman, Cahill, Fellaini (admittedly Moyes only real expensive purchase). I think the list could go on. Perhaps some of the above you could question but I think Moyes had a positive effect on them all. Felliani was unplayable at times and now look at him, ruined by Utd. Baines, Coleman and Jags absolute class. Osman got a brief spell in the England squad, even Mirallas was class under Moyes and has largely been ruined under Martinez. Moyes spotted possibly England’s most gifted defender in Stones, so demonstrated a good eye for the future. To be fair to Martinez Stones and Barkley have flourished but would they have done so under Moyes like Coleman and Baines.

    Roll on to Martinez’s first year, he added a bit of quality to our attacking play and got us passing a bit more and with the effect of Moyes still ringing in the ears of our defenders, we had a winning platform. Is it any wonder we had a good session with a great defensive managers presence still evident and a good attacking managers approach and new ideas building confidence with our more exciting players.

    Second season, the defensive coherence has started to slide and the attacking play whilst at times is still good can’t possibly compensate for our poor inconsistent defending. Anyone see Wigan in disguise?

    Martinez added more quality and the board finally spend some money and brought in some solid players and we largely stand still for the rest of the second season.
    Perhaps that second season syndrome so give our likeable manager the benefit of the doubt.

    Board somehow continue to do the unthinkable and spend big, £28 million on a good striker with potential to be great. So to confirm under Martinez we purchase Mccarthy, Deulofeu, Lukaku, all 3 could play for top sides in our league. Moyes was never backed like this and i wonder what would be our position if he had been. Flair, goals and tight at the back- sounds a pretty good formula to me.

    Roll on this year. Possession football still the priority, 60% possession and no attempts on goal was the story of the early part. Thankfully we have improved our shots on target but this has come at a price. We can’t continue to leak goals like we do, under Moyes he wouldn’t have let it happen twice yet under Martinez he lets it happen time and time again. The 2 defensive players in the middle of the pack doesn’t work, it puts too much pressure on the attacking players and squeezes the space hence Barkley has often found it difficult. The gap between the middle and top is often too big and we lose natural width because it’s easy to defend against.

    My opinion is that Martinez needed to change his approach and adapt after the first season. Do something different especially when other teams figure is out and nullify our Strengths. Surely that’s what a manager is paid for. Teams generally pick themselves. Why continue to do the same things an expect a different result?
    For me the time has come for a new approach and with regret this means a new manager. What would a good manager that can balance defense and attack do with this side. I think Everton should be up with Tottenham at this stage, 2 similar teams with talented squads. When Spurs have a bad patch the manager changes things, when we do Martinez seems to cross his fingers and hope we score more goals. Not a long term solution to a long standing issue.

    We are at a critical stage and have a huge opportunity. We have some truly wonderful players that will soon be bored with conceding so many goals. Who could really blame Stones, lukaku, Barkley and to a lesser degree our forgotten Kevin mirallas wanting to push on with their own careers. They should already be looking at European places and perhaps even more but sadly they have to endure days like at home to Stoke. Soon enough they will have enough. I really like Martinez and as a man he’s class but I think for the premiership his football ethos just doesn’t work. I only hope that the board do something about our current plight (which just isn’t good enough), whether that be make Martinez employ someone to help him out defensively or get rid. We have an awful stadium that obviously needs addressing but surely the best way to do this is have an attractive winning side on the pitch. With the squad we have I believe we are attractive to a potential new owner. Someone will be looking at our squad thinking yes please and might even look past our stadium but without out top players perhaps no so much. I can stomach the add loss and I’m not unrealistic to think we could win the league but how many Everton players would get in the top sides this year. Is there a better back 4? Obviously you’d think so regarding the goals we leak but really stones, Jags, Coleman and Baines how good is that. McCarthy up there with best box to box midfielders. Barkley and lukaku attacking, mirallas (with confidence and not playing angry-but can you blame him), Deulofeu, sounds like a dream as an Everton fan.
    Good luck Everton I truly hope you get things right and I eat my words, I’d love it if Martinez got it right but I just can’t see it happening.

  5. No moans when you are winning There is nothing worse when playing well and losing clean sheets win titles. Only to fit centre half’s at the club is bad planning full backs who don’t cross no more corners that don’t beat first defender less than 10 goals in 3 seasons with best crosser in league . Bad management tactics at Kiev when more questions over old boys from Wigan no strength or compation in goalkeepers ie jack Buckland No backup for Lukaku . Best squad in years are we any closer to top 4 same results against top 4 maybe 1 win in 8 just papering over cracks letting teams walk over us we need professional attitudes leaders on the pitch. Stoke Bournemouth Norwich Arsenal Kiev Palace the list goes on

  6. I agree he has to go asap. We got best set of players for years. All he is going to do is drive them all off to other clubs. If we dont sort it out sound we will be joining villa down there. History repeating itself like wigan. Only we got better players and he hasnt a clue what to do with them. We play a striker on the wing. When we have wingers on the bench waiting to play. Even put baines on left wing and leave the young lad at left back. Playing other week we went 3-1 down there team made attacking subs and he stays still not doing a thing. Its getting to be a joke now

  7. I could not agree more than with what Ryan Beeley’s article. All season I have screamed at Howard been annoyed at Barry and shouted at Kone all for poor poor performances.
    You know what, this week I have realized I am getting on at the wrong people, it Martinez’s fault for picking them week in week out after poor performances. Like Ryan says , Naismith, Mirallas have done nothing wrong yet cant get in the first 11.
    Let me put this to you to prove a point, Besic was arguably our best player when he came on, will he start next league game ? If you think yes who will he drop ? Barry ? no probably Cleverly because hes done OK. Martinez is a poor manager , he had a good first season yes but, now the honeymoon period is over. He as in my opinion made us like Wigan, we need to score 2 even 3 to win a game. I, like all Evertonians want the best for our club but, Martinez is not the best, far from it. Lets get this season over with and a takeover to come and move forward with a top manager to do our club the justice it deserves. COYB

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