Arsenal 0-1 Everton

Ahead of this afternoon’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Everton at the Emirates, we have looked back through the archives to bring you a classic Everton win over the Gunners.


One week after the tragic news broke of the death of Howard Kendall we thought we would look back to 1969-70, when an Everton side featuring the legendary Kendall started the new Division One season with a victory over the Gunners. Those who know their history will know that this was the start of a fabulous league campaign which ended in the Blues as Champions.


Arsenal: Wilson, Rice, McNab, Mclintock, Neill, Simpson, Robertson, George, Gould, Graham, Radford.

Everton: West, Wright, Brown, Kendall (Kenyon), Labone, Harvey, Husband, Jackson, Royle, Hurst, Morrisey.



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