Transfer Rumour – Howard Kendall – January 1967

Earlier this week we started to hear rumours that Howard Kendall, a young defender, has been linked with a move to Everton. His passing ability, touch on the ball and leadership are starting to show. The young lad has already played in the 1964 FA Cup Final for Preston at the tender age of 17. The rumours have Everton looking to offer a whopping £85,000 for the 21 year old Tynesider.

howard kendallhoward kendall and fa cup

Chances of Kendall arriving: 100%

Do I want it to happen: 100%

With the arrival of Alan Ball after the World Cup and Colin Harvey playing a more prominent role in the Everton midfield, the addition of Kendall could be the final piece of the midfield puzzle and the start of something quite incredible. He has a great footballing mind and will unequivocally make a great manager when his playing days end. Catterick will undoubtedly play a huge part in his future development.

We were lucky that he was part of our history.  Another loss for our great team.  R.I.P.

About the Author:

I am a testament to the fact that Evertonians are born. My first matches were spent sitting on one of the crush bars in the Gladwys Street end watching the Holy Trinity weaving their magic on their way to the league championship in 1970. After moving to Canada it was hard to stay connected but the popularity of the game has increased and the internet now allows me to see every game live and keep up with all things Everton.


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