A passionate defence of Bill Kenwright

One of readers has contacted us with a passionate defence of Bill Kenwright. In the interest of a true debate we are happy to publish articles both for and against the Everton board. If you agree or disagree please use the comments at the bottom of the article and if you wish to put forward a counter argument please get in touch using the contact page above.

For reference I’m a born and bred Everton fan that shouts myself horse every other week from the Lower Gwladys. I’m sad to say that I’m old enough that most of my best memories of supporting my team came too early in my life that I didn’t appreciate them as much as I should at the time. Since those wonderful 1980’s and a great day out in 1995 like all my fellow blues we have suffered disappointment, failure and a decent share of embarrassment. That said the last decade has seen Everton Football Club emerge as one of the best of the rest. (Not something that I celebrate).


At the risk of being ejected from the Gwladys and being targeted on twitter as a villain I’m going to speak up for Bill Kenwright. Not because I think he has done a brilliant job but because I’m pretty embarrassed at the treatment he has received at the hands from a proportion of Everton fans. In footballing terms the Everton Chairman is far from a rich man, exemplified by the fact that he at one stage used his home as security against a loan to secure his share holding in the club, something that I have some sympathy with, as I once used a mortgage payment to pay for my season ticket…. something I kept hidden from my wife for many years.

Again for context I do think that the current board and chairman have failed to deliver on many promises most of all the quest for a “New Goodison” but I prefer to believe that the failure is because he has had ambition beyond both his an the clubs means. Not the cheat and liar and even thief as he is often labelled. The conspiracy theorists would have us believe that “Bill” has been squirrelling away millions of pounds of sky money into an off sure account and will eventually do a runner to a non extradition country and have a really good laugh at us all…If that is the case well I’ll hold my hand up and at the next home game you can all give me the abuse that is normally reserved for our board.

On occasion I think that the board have been unrealistic, out of touch with the fans and the history of the club, guilty of taking poor advice and often very naïve. However last night as the transfer window slammed shut the vast majority of pundits applauded the Everton board for its strength and resolution over the retention of John Stones. Conversely the criticism the board received from its fan base on twitter was vitriolic. Condemning Everton for failing to sign a number 10. Forgotten was the fact that Mirallas and McCarthy had both signed new contracts during the window. Forgotten was the fact that Deulofeu and Lennon both wanted to return to the club. Instead of celebrating the addition of Tom Cleverly as a very shrewd piece of business and Ramiro Funes Mori as a great prospect ….we the Everton fans used disgraceful four letter words to describe our board.

I wonder just what our players think of us, their fans when they use #EFC and see some of the results.


13 thoughts on “A passionate defence of Bill Kenwright

  1. Good piece of writing… I too have wondered what the players think of us the fans in recent months with some of the abuse that has been hurled from both the terraces and social media.

    Yes we all care passionately for our club but at times we need to vent our frustrations and anger in a more constructive and positive manner, otherwise we risk transferring this negativity on to the pitch.

    For all our sakes, some kind of transparency and honesty from the board will be required with regard to both finances and the ambition to sell the club, but right now, lets all join together, whether pro or anti Bill and get behind the team for what is going to be a really tough few weeks…

  2. Changes are in progress forced by the illness of our Chairman who cares as much as all of us what happens to Everton. He is our Chairman but he is also a fan. Very good blog, thank you.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with this I’m a life long evertonian too now 40 so similar memories but it sickens me some of the abuse bill gets noone ever mentions how us as fans were given a vote about Kirkby and the crest about eitc and all the fantastic work that does the former player foundation etc we all know we need investment but from where I’m not naive or lack ambition as some suggest when you don’t agree with some of the vitriol bill receives if he was in it for the money would he not have cashed in by now how old is he and his health? Has he made mistakes yes but some kind of criminal genius lying his way through year after year no chance some of these so called evertonians need to get a grip board out OK who in?

  4. A well written piece, echoing my sentiments entirely. What annoys me from the down with bill brigade, is prior to his appointment. mr Johnson was slowly taking us in to the abyss, no money ,drafting in has beens like gascoigne and ginola; yet here we are today with our teams assets worth millions. and how did we get to this point. remember Bill having the guts to appoint a young unknown manager named david moyes he spent ten years reshapeing and replenishing the sqad with better stock, and it appears Bill has always backed his manager judgement, now to the present.. we have a realy good team that trys to play football the right way and are possibly on the verge of a new stadium. we have come a long way since the johnson era and we need to remember who helped get us here..Bill Kenwright a passionate Evertonian..
    with kind regards…john mckeown

  5. A well written article that reflects the views of many Everton fans. None of us are perfect, and we should therefore be grateful that we have a chairman that is a true fan, and seems honest. Those who have enjoyed throwing insults at Kenwright and the board might want to think what they can realistically hope for as a replacement? A Russian oligarch who might soon become tired of his new hobby? An Asian billionaire keen to change the image/name of the club? A group of Americans who borrow money from elsewhere to support their bid? A Mike Ashley type figure?

  6. Nice article and one I share thoughts with .To J Smith -it is best not commenting if you have no idea what you are saying -many very rich people re-mortgage time and again ,using the banks money ,giving them the chance to reinvest again and still have just their start up capital

  7. Agree totally with the sentiments of this thread. Thank you Bill Kenwright, much appreciated and keep up the good work ;))

  8. Agree with the above comments and don’t think there’s anything to add and I’m sure the majority of fans support Bill Kenwright .
    Before the Man City game, I saw the ” B K Out brigade ” and there was only about 20 protesters, looking at the crowd around them, they all seemed as disguised as I was.

  9. I just wish he had of took a gamble on the Kings Dock, we would be rolling in money now,
    The amount of money we needed at the time was the same as what Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll ,
    I personally didn’t fancy the Kirkby move, so in a way was glad it fell through,
    I’ve supported the blues for nearly 60yrs an the memories both home an away are priceless,,
    I think the main detractors ,, ( I’m not knocking them) haven’t seen the team like myself and other 70yr olds, but we’ve also done our fair share of bitching down the years,so it’s not new, ( Catterick getting attacked, coaches set on fire in the Cherry Tree car park ect ect ,) and we’ve gotta defend the right of anyone of us to bitch an complain wether we agree or not …COYB

  10. As for this comment (Anyone who has to remortgage a house shouldn’t be running a premier league club) possibly would apply if the property was valued at say maybe 100k, but i am sure BKs home is valued in £ms so why cant a person have a share in a premier league club with that financial clout.

  11. Despite his detractors Bill(Mr)Kenwright has dragged the club into a respectable position of respect in the Premier against big spending clubs. I hope his present health problems are soon sorted

  12. I want to wish Bill(Mr)Kenwright quick return to good health. Despite his detractors .he has dragged our club into a position of respect in the football world even though he has not had the money of oil barons,,Russian oligarchs or american backers to be able to buy who we want.Both David Moyes and Martinez have managed the club superbly. Get W ell Soon Bill

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