John Stones – Everton’s next move?

Should Everton publicly declare whether they have accepted or rejected John Stones’ transfer request?

It is an interesting question and one that has fueled a heated debate on social media ever since news broke of John Stones’ intentions yesterday afternoon.


If Everton declare that Stones is not for sale, they have to be certain that they will not sell Stones under any circumstances. Any move from such a public statement will cause further disharmony among the already disenfranchised supporters. After all, every player has a price. If Chelsea were to offer £40m, surely any club would have to seriously consider selling? You only have to look at Liverpool and the recent sales of Suarez and Stirling to realise that every player has a value.

However, if Everton announce that they have reluctantly accepted the young defenders request it would severely weaken the clubs bargaining position and would give Chelsea the upper hand in any future negotiations.

Maybe, just maybe, Everton have taken the correct position in remaining silent. It is incredibly frustrating and as stakeholders we all deserve to know what is happening at our club, but on this occasion, maybe Everton have to remain silent, in the short term at least.


One thought on “John Stones – Everton’s next move?

  1. Everton should tell Chelski to do one, plain and simple! After labelling us a small club and being out of order in their pursuit of Stones, they dont deserve him!

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