Everton’s loan sham

Who remembers this article written by Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail, where he openly and unfairly singled Everton out for criticism due to their success in the loan market?


Everton fairytale has us hooked – shame it’s built on £50m loan sham of Lukaku, Barry and Deulofeu

Lukaku and …Barry, in particular, have propelled them to a peak they would not have been able to attain under their own means.

Maybe it is time for a few Evertonians to contact Mr Samuel and his team at the Daily Mail [Twitter Page] to remind him that Everton have indeed secured the permanent signings of Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry, with Gerard Deulofeu also due to complete his permanent move to Goodison within days.


2 thoughts on “Everton’s loan sham

  1. Why say anything on the daily mail football comments, Mr S and his team cant be bothered to search out news, so they just make it up, 99% of the stuff they write is crap and the other 1% is wrong

  2. i think personally this year with sky giving the clubs over 100 miliion then KENWRIGHT ITS TIME TO SPEND AT LEAST 50 MILLION OF IT SURELY OR GO BACK TO CORONATION STREET cos all this were in debt is aload of nonsense your just being a greedy pig

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