Obstructed View – Reflections on the Aston Villa (A) Game

An instantly forgettable game, for Everton supporters at least. The Club and Player’s generous offer to part fund the travelling support to West Ham may be misplaced, and perhaps a refund might be in order for the faithful that witnessed a display that was at the other end of the scale when it comes to intensity, in comparison to the United game but a week or so before. No wonder Martinez looked mystified and perhaps just a teensy weensy bit cross. RM I guess some might say “you can’t have everything”, and indeed you can’t, but at least a little bit of guts and guile wouldn’t have gone amiss, and to have completed a first half of football that not only saw us concede two poor goals, but also not even have a shot, let alone one on target, was poor beyond belief. But such is the level of hope and anticipation that we set ourselves up for as a Blues fan, a barely equalled recent form guide was a reasonable indicator that we could have been optimistic to get something from the game, but that of course was before it actually started. Nothing could have been more remote once we’d got going, “going” as in pacing up and down and walking up to set pieces with hardly a hint of urgency. Such displays are hard to bare for any fan, especially if it is a fan that has endured a miserable season by and large, and had only begun to put a smile on our face after some superb performances. This, sadly, was a match more reminiscent of the dark times at home and away this season, and it needs to stop right now, not least because after driving 1000 miles this week, I will be driving another 200 to go to Goodison and back, as we face a side desperate for points whilst we look yearnfully towards the beach and the swimming pools from our position of relative safety. Sorry Everton, if that’s your plan, forget it, and not just to protect me from my rising blood pressure. We are a side stacked full of quality which has proven, fitfully at best, that we can match or beat top sides this season, so surely to God we can beat a side in the bottom 3, but then we should have been able to beat a side just above it. But we didn’t. Intensity is a necessity, not an option. Ok, it’s over now, but I won’t remember Villa away with any fondness, not even Lukaku’s cheeky penalty, which may still be gently rolling over the line even as we speak; if Given was slightly more spritely, he would have had time to read a novel before changing direction mid charge towards the penalty spot and scamper back to his line….but his old limbs and muscles couldn’t quite manage it. Instead we get back in a game we barely deserved to be in, only to raise that hope and expectation albeit briefly. And we know where that gets us. Ross Crombie


3 thoughts on “Obstructed View – Reflections on the Aston Villa (A) Game

  1. Miss hit penalty I think. Everton were just outplayed, never sure what Everton fans think they deserve. Middle of the road club, aging squad, kick and rush team, headers and half volleys goals. Fair enough a poor season but compared to the seasons of Liverpool, Newcastle and Villa (ie larger more important teams) Everton seem to have coasted by this season.

    1. If your trying to elicit a response from your descriptions of the team we all love, you won’t get one from me. Best of luck for the rest of the season if you’re a Villa fan….

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