Kiev – a last word?

It was probably not wise me singing any kind of praise for Alcaraz’ performance against Newcastle, because tonight against Kiev, he not only threatened to make a mess every time he got the ball, he actually did make a mess.

There is no doubt he makes the defence more shaky, and I’m absolutely not singling him out for blame, as there are many and several who need to shoulder that tonight, but I dearly hope Antolin Alcaraz has played his last game in a Blue shirt. An Everton one at least.

Tonight we defended like a pub side, or a League 2 side at best, and if we want to carry on defending like that for the rest of this inauspicious season, then we’ll see just how good that standard as next season….when we start it in the Championship. Just. Not. Good. Enough.

But hold your heads up high Everton, particularly anyone who travelled to Kiev for that humiliation, and believe that we have the players and the capability to secure our position in the Premier League and build from here. I hope the players are upset. If that hasn’t bothered them then I’d be worried. If they can play in a cathartic way on Sunday and repay the travelling fans, then that would be marvellous, but I’m not holding my breath. I suspect it’ll take the International break from the PL traumas before we see any kind of Everton recovery.

It’s the hope isn’t it? 72 points last season, and maybe we’ll achieve half that this season. No Carling Cup, no FA Cup, and no Europa. I for one did not expect this, and I suspect I’m not alone, so it’s up to most of this group of players to stick together, ship out the one’s not good enough, ship out the one’s not interested in playing for us, Evertons-Romelu-Lukaku-co-008

bring a few new faces in, bring some kids up from the 21s, and build for the future.

We have no choice.


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