Premier League referees are inept

John Moss, like too many other Premier League referees, is inept. His failure to act on Branislav Ivanovic’s repeated assault on James McCarthy is inexcusable. The pictures paint a clear image of ineptitude. Moss is looking directly at Ivanovic holding McCarthy in a strangle hold, he then goes onto push his head into McCarthy and possibly bite the Irish international. The punishment? Surely a red card! Nothing at all, not even a yellow!!!

What is equally frustrating is how easily influenced referees are. Without the melee and furore, Barry would have walked away and the game would have continued without much of a comment. Instead the Chelsea players, as they had done throughout the ninety minutes, surrounded the referee and demanded action.


One thought on “Premier League referees are inept

  1. Inept or worse. They seem to have got increasingly inept over the past few seasons as more money comes into the English Premier League Co Ltd and Sky Sports. Is there a direct correlation between the growth in wealth of the EPL and plummeting refereeing standards. Pure coincidence? Discuss.

    But just consider this. In any form of business, is a risk assessment carried out to ensure a return on investment. Is an analysis made of how to get the most favourable conditions, and how to influence matters to your advantage. Think of Tax Avoidance, Government Development, Machinary Grants etc. So as foreign billionaires and investors play their with vanities on our playing fields and Football Leagues, are they manipulating ‘chance’. If you bring hundreds of millions to the table and spend millions to buy and pay players (and managers), don’t you expect a return? Like being excused from the FA Cup, like stamping your feet to play in the Champions League even if you didn’t qualify, like getting those decisions that guarantee lucrative Champions League qualification. Like being given a sports stadium. Wouldn’t the English Premier League be foolish to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. So what happens. Nothing corrupt happens in the English Premier League Co Ltd of course. But I guess there will never be a repeat of Leeds United’s demise.
    But referees are human. Are they being influenced ‘subliminally’ by all that surrounds them. Who at Hull, Burnley, Stoke or WBA is going to get an opportunity to influence the ref at Arsenal, Man Utd, City or Chelsea. The honest toiling Leicester midfielder or the multi millionaire Chelsea mercenary?

    So yes, I think we have a problem, but whether it’s just ineptitude I don’t know. Should we just encourage the biggest foreign billionaire owned clubs to sod off and just play with one another? On two occasions now Everton will have retrospective action taken against an opposing player (assuming Ivanovitch will be), but that is such a negative action. Take points from the club not the player. That’ll hurt where it matters, assuming a level playing field of course.

    Please disregard all the above when a trillionaire comes along to buy our beloved Everton FC and sends our Bill into happy retirement.

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