Besic – early verdict?

Besic got a starting berth against Liverpool which few would have expected.


He clearly shows signs of being a top class player, but he clearly has a lot to learn about the pace of the Premier League, because he got caught in possession too often, and gave away the ball trying something more expansive when ‘simple’ was the more obvious choice.

But the lad’s got talent, that’s for sure. Will he replace the obviously below-par Barry (against Liverpool at least) or maybe even McCarthy? Or will Roberto persist with all three and forego a bit of creativity in someone like Osman?




7 thoughts on “Besic – early verdict?

  1. To consider putting McCarthy on the bench, in my opinion, would be ludicrous. He is strong, determined and the drive of the team. I liked what I saw in Besic and I agree that he has lots to learn….but so did Coleman, Stones and Barkley and we gave them the chance to grow.

    For me, the introduction of Browning was as significant as Besic. He showed composure, power, and a willingness to go forward when needed. Coleman missing the game was huge and the decision to start Hibbert over Browning, for me, was a mistake based on the potential that Browning brings and the older legs that Hibbert brings against Balotelli and Sterling.

    The final point I would make is to play Lukaku more centrally. Just because it worked against Arsenal last year doesn’t mean it is the best way to play. Get him central, have the wing backs (like Coleman and Browning) play off him going forward. We needed to do more attacking and less passing it around the back four. That is where our success was found last year and that is where we need to be getting back to this year…..not to mention the requisite pressuring of the ball.

    I know that we have double duty with the Europa League, but the Premiership is our bread and butter and we need to make sure that our team puts it’s best foot forward….

    My starting 11…..after the loss of Mirallas and the potential exclusion of Coleman. If Coleman returns he goes in for Browning.

    Browning Stones Jagielka Baines
    Barry McCarthy
    McGeady Naismith

  2. I could see him as part of a three man centre,with him and Macca bracketing Gibbo. Even better in a five with Shay and Baines on either flank.

  3. There will be games were McCarthy Barry and Besic are needed in mid field and games were we can go with just two and a more creative player. We can also start with all three and change according to how things are going. There are plenty of games coming up, these three plus all the others will be needed.

  4. with mirallas being out for a while now and ross/pienaar still out – I would have a midfield trio. not sure what the front 3 would be – not sure what the front 3 should be though

  5. He looks a great player and has all the attributes. The one thing that’s lacking is speed of thought at the moment. You have to put that down to confidence which must be low after sitting on the bench and the Chelsea mistake. He is learning a new league and team. He does however have pace and energy to go with his obvious skill. Barry who has amazing experience and a top football brain also gave it away a lot…so anyone can be wasteful in a derby. I would like to see him get more chances in the first 11 pretty soon.

  6. You picked up on a good point there, I personally would’ve had Osman to link attack and midfield. But we did need solidity.

  7. I think they`ll sell McCarthy for a profit in Januray and then Besic and Barry will be the starters with Gibson and a youngster playing back up. I think that`s why they bought Besic. Doesn`t make sense to have Barry, Gibson, McCarthy, and Besic fighting for two starting places

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