Obstructed View – Leicester (A)

I don’t look at other fan’s reactions to their team’s trials and tribulations on twitter, but if there is a set of fans that makes a draw seem like the Dawning of the Apocalypse like Everton’s then I’d be very surprised. And probably made worse by a lad scoring for Spurs in the last minute who, apparently, should have been signed by Moyes in Eric Dier (that’s the lad that was on loan to Everton from Sporting Lisbon, so hard to blame Moyes on that one). Oh yeah, and don’t forget Moyes for not keeping Mustafi who played for Germany in the World Cup. Oh, and ….who else can we shout at?


One thing is for certain, we like a good moan. Well, some do, I don’t. I switch (un)social media off after a draw or a defeat, and even after a win it seems slightly incredulous that the fans slating us one minute are lauding us the next. To coin a phrase, calm down.

In truth, there is some measure of frustration in leading twice only to be pegged back twice, and on both occasions those being rather sloppy goals to concede. But too many seem to dwell on the negatives (Roberto should have done this, shouldn’t have done the other, so-and-so had a stinker etc) rather than the positives. Let’s remember, please, this is the first game of the season, and this away trip to a punchy side who dominated their League last year had banana skin written all over it quite frankly, and we’ve got a point. OK, it could have been 3, but we didn’t close down enough, showed too little urgency in the final third of the game, and so gave them a glimpse of goal that Stones could have done something about. There I go, dwelling on the negatives myself.

Instead, we’re up and running, McGeady played well in periods and we’ll see more of him this season I think. He’s got very quick feet, an eye for a goal (and what a good goal it was too), and picks out his team mates better than Spanish wide men we’ve had of late. Pienaar was lively and threatening. Naismith, as usual, ran around and created space, and took his goal well, and like Aiden, I think he could be a key player for us again this season, only even better than last. Lukaku had a great run out, although looked a bit pre season and we’d like him to be in season (as it were), and Barry and McCarthy showed they haven’t lost their understanding. What Atsu and Besic made of it all from the bench we’ll never know, but if you wanted to demonstrate to your new signings that the Premier League is unpredictable as well as being high on drama if sometimes low on quality, then the King Power was the place to be (I really want to call it Filbert Street; I never even got used to calling it the Quavers or whatever it was before, and King Power means bugger all to me; King Hell maybe, King Power not so much). Maybe they’ll get a bit of game time next week against the ‘mighty’ Arsenal (if Sky are to be believed – and by the way, funny how Sky and Radio 5Live have spent so much time on previewing the season featuring the sides that finished, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th last season, with hardly a mention for 5th or even 6th) but somehow doubt it.

Back to training then lads, whilst I clear off for Italy with no Wifi, the holiday from hell between the hours of 3pm and 7pm GMT next and the following Saturday, the only comfort being that I’ll be back in time for the mayhem that is the Stoke fans outside the Britannia Stadium in semi darkness behind a bemused Sky Sports reporter trying to focus his night-vision goggles on a Bulgarian we’ve never heard of signing at 10.23pm, only to find out he’s their new cleaner.

Keep positive Blues. Please. It’s only the 16th August.

Ross Crombie


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