So many highs and a few bitter lows…

Looking back at twitter this weekend it was clear to see the bitter disappointment etched onto the hearts of our fellow blues. Just a week after the better part of 40,000 Evertonians cheered so hard they sounded as if they smoked 30 Marlboro lights, the same group felt more like hitting the vodka after just 53 seconds at St Marys. The momentary loss of control and then stumble by Stevie G did a little to raise spirits but that’s not really the point.

Oviedo and Distin

With two matches left before the end of the season we are still in the chase for a Champions League place, how good is that! Yes I know that Arsenal are in the box seat, I know that even the Europa league isn’t guaranteed, but let’s be serious, this has been a brilliant trip this season. Our footballing quality has impressed beyond belief, Stones, Barkley, Coleman, McCarthy, Mirallas, Jagielka and Baines all look set to be Everton players for the foreseeable. We have seen Naismith win over the Gwladys Street and Barry, Distin, Howard and Osman prove that life begins after 30. Whilst we are at it let’s not forget Oviedo baby.

Yes our performances have inexplicably paled on occasion, but let’s remember the injury list has been too long far too often and our resources have been severely tested. Kone and Gibson will be like new signings when they return and it will be a relief to see Jags back in the centre of defence. Overall though, my expectations, if not my dreams have been exceeded.

I waited until now to mention Deulofeu and Lukaku because I think that in many ways they sum up Everton’s season. Both quite obviously are potential world beaters and on occasion have let us breathless, regrettably however the reverse is also true. It’s all too easy however to remember that they are both so very young and just like many other within the squad they are still learning the game. If and it’s a very big if we can keep the majority of this squad together and maybe retain the services of Deulofeu and Lukaku, I personally think we would have the capability of mounting a real challenge guided by our brilliant manager Roberto Martinez


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