100% Belief in Roberto

I have been relatively quiet on here for a couple of months now. My silence hasn’t been through a disinterest in the Blues, if anything it has been the total opposite.


Throughout a difficult spell where we lost away at Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and exited the cup at Arsenal I retained by belief in Roberto’s project. When the pace of our football at Goodison has not enthralled the crowd I have maintained to anyone who is prepared to listen (and received my fair share of stick on twitter for it) that this is only the start of something much bigger.

Five league wins in succession and everyone is beginning to believe that we are on the verge of something special. On Sunday a sell out Goodison crowd need to stick with Roberto and the team. We may not be 4-0 up after 20 minutes like our foes from across the park, but we don’t need to win the game in the first half.

I don’t normally do rallying cries, but…We as supporters owe it to the players to stick behind them for the entire 90 minutes. We need to push them on if the games looks like it is ebbing away from us. And we need to remain patient if the games becomes a battle of the tiki taka. This is the biggest game for Everton since we narrowly lost the 2009 Cup final. Let’s make sure we get behind the team!


One thought on “100% Belief in Roberto

  1. I love posts like this ,from the heart .I totally agree and hope your team wins on Sunday
    I think Roberto has taken a lot by surprise and despite a few ,as high as kite moments I believe he is the one for us
    I read an article this morning about his reaction to losing Deulofeu,Lukaku and Barry it was priceless and I cannot help compare it with(( he who should not be named ))or was that shamed) the reaction we might have received a year ago
    -isn’t it funny it seems much more than a year since the first games under him who can be named –
    Onwards and upwards .
    Lets see Arteta kiss the badge this weekend

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