Are we over reacting to Liverpool defeat?

Losing hurts, losing to Liverpool is horrific, but the manner of the 4-0 defeat on Tuesday night has left many Evertonians in a fit of despair and depression. The Blues, for all their possession were out thought, out battled and out played. Liverpool deserved the victory and rightly sit four points above us in the Premier League table. But before we write off all that has been good so far this season, let’s not forget we are only four points off Liverpool, four points off fourth place and we remain firmly in contention for Champions League football.


The over reaction to the defeat on twitter has reminded me what a negative bunch, we Evertonians are. Defeat should bring ramifications and a certain amount of soul-searching, especially when the score is so one-sided, but has that much really changed? As much as people like to find a scapegoat, Lukaku (only played for 20 minutes) and the Board (who are far from perfect) are not to blame for this defeat. As a team we did not turn up. However, four points is not an insurmountable difference. The difference in points could be wiped out in a matter of weeks. Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to support Roberto and trust him to deliver for Everton in the long-term.

There remain some positives to come out of the defeat, although admittedly you do have to look quite hard.

We were naive in the way we pushed forward in search of a way back into the game after Gerrard’s opener. But at least we were prepared to have a go. In the past, we would have sat back and taken the defeat. We only have to think back two years to a 3-0 defeat at Anfield, when we were similarly out played, but we didn’t at any time look like we were going to force our way back into the match. On Tuesday we had several chances and had Phil Jagielka and Gareth Barry taken chances we could have been level at 1-1.

The highlight of the night for the Evertonians had to be the performance of Kevin Mirallas. As bad as most of his team mates were, Mirallas was simply superb, almost single-handed in his determination to bring the Blues back into the game. After a low-key start to the season, the Belgium has burst into life in recent weeks, with impressive performances against Norwich, West Brom, Stevenage and now Liverpool. If he continues in this rich vein of form, the Blues have every chance of forcing themselves back into Champions League contention.

Finally, the response of the manager was positive. As supporters, you sometimes need to the manager to come out after a painful defeat and prove he is hurting. Martinez, who had spent the entire match on the touchline, cajoling and encouraging his players to find a way back into the match appeared on in front of the TV cameras to give him own damming verdict on the performance. There was no hiding away in the dugout (we have seen that before) or sending his second in command to face the music, instead Roberto fronted up and delivered a rallying call.

“We started well enough but conceded the goal from a deadball situation and we put ourselves in Liverpool’s hands really. We lost our concentration, lost our usual shape and it was unlike us.”

“But we don’t make excuses. We looked at times out of sorts, we gave the ball away too easily and we left ourselves exposed.”

“It’s a matter of admitting that we weren’t at our best, but it’s a day that hurts because it’s a special day for our fans and we need to make sure we change this situation by playing how we have been between now and the end of the season.”

Saturday presents the first opportunity to put right the wrongs of Anfield. We must respond in a manner befitting of Everton. This is a true test of Reberto’s Everton. Whatever your feelings are towards David Moyes, it is hard to remember an occasion when the Blues didn’t respond positively to adversity during his tenure. A win on Saturday will immediately lift spirits and reignite a season that could yet have a positive conclusion on two fronts.


7 thoughts on “Are we over reacting to Liverpool defeat?

  1. No shame losing to that pretty good Liverpool side. Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and the pace of Sterling on their day will rip any team apart. Injuries affected the match too.

  2. Its hard not to overreact because the feeling of losing to them, of all clubs to have our ‘bad day’ against, is sickening. That said if you know your football you’ll see that there are things we can take away from that game and use to our advantage. Tactically they played a good game and we have to prepare for that kind of astute challenge and be ready to adapt. Martinez will have to take a lesson, for example, on the slavish intent only to play the ball out from the back…if the other sides gameplan is to push up and get in our faces then we need to be able to go direct and catch them out of place. We have become predictable, after a fashion, and a swift kick in our complacency may be just what the doctor ordered. We want to mix it with the very best so we are going to have to prepare ourselves for the games where, if we aren’t at the races, we get a shoeing. Price of breathing the thinner air of the heady heights.

  3. Yes we are overeacting, but that is only because it is Liverpool. There are still 45 points, YES 45 POINTS to play for between now and the end of the season!!

    We haven’t beaten Liverpool since October 2010 but we have finished above them for the last two seasons. Let’s save the reactions and reflections for the end of the season

  4. Jonesy you have it absolutely spot on the manner of the defeat is magnified as it was against Liverpool and it is always against bloody Liverpool no matter what we always get stage fright.

    I agree over the predictability. I am fan of what Martinez is trying to achieve but he does need to show that adaptability and although we want to impose ourselves on teams we have to show a different dynamic. Having possession is great but if we cannot shift the ball forward and open up space then it counts for nothing (realise not all of the personnel can do this and it will take time). The other gripe I have is square pegs in round holes, i.e John Stones has all the makings of a outstanding centre half but at times can be lethargic with the ball and his positioning is not great, I know this will come but Hibbert who may not be the best at going forward should have played Tuesday as I genuinely believe the two sturridge goals would not have happened with him there.

    The other issue is playing from the back this should happen when possible and this was the case in point with the 4th. If I was Martinez on Wednesday I would have made the players watch the match back and ask Jags to explain how he though that pass was on, because no matter how many times you run that scenario the pass was never on and he should have played it back up the pitch or controlled it and gone with it himself. I am all for instilling confidence in players but he has to make sure they balance this with intelligent decision making.

    Tuesday was a bad one as I said and made worse by two of our best players Jags and Barry having an off night and the manager making some incorrect choices such as Pienaar and Stones. We will learn form this and maybe the kick we need o raise the bar again and push on it just hurts that it was them who bumped us back down to earth

  5. you r a clueless moron. still feeling conned by moyes. we were stuffed and Martinez cocked up badly.

  6. At last some sense, ok it’s easy for me to say as i now live in Staffordshire and as we all know, kopites are few and far between anywhere outside Liverpool, but I honestly don’t think we played that badly. We lost the game on Tuesday for two reasons, firstly, we gifted the kopites every single goal, from Barry losing Gerrard, John Stones headrush, Phil and Antolin playing offside when sturridge is two yards infront of them (onside), to phil’s mistake for the fourth. All these goals were easily preventable and we created enough chances and had enough possession to score several goals ourselves and if we hadn’t have had the unfortunate injury to Romelu (the second reason) we most likely would have. It just wasn’t our day, there’s really no reason to go overboard with the criticism. The one thing that did really disappoint me, was the ruthlessness in which Liverpool finished their chances. I believe that’s something we really do lack, as we almost always have to create 3-4 chances before finding the net. This was evident in the reverse fixture at goodison, where if we’d shown that same killer instinct that the kopites showed on Tuesday, we’d have scored 7 or 8 on that particular occasion. So lets just put this one game behind us and worry instead about how we’re gonna outscore one of the best counter attacking sides in the league on Saturday, without an out and out striker?

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