Oviedo injury to inspire Blues?

Football can be a cruel game, and nothing was truer than this on Saturday evening when Bryan Oviedo suffered a horrific leg break in the FA Cup tie vs Stevenage. If there was one Everton player who did not deserve such bad fortune, then it was probably the Costa Rican, who has been the epitome of professionalism and hard work in his time at the club so far. Oviedo has become much-loved by his team mates and the fans and has elevated himself to cult hero status with his performances this year, so it was absolutely gut wrenching for Evertonians to witness his injury at the weekend.


It was a struggle to enjoy any part of the Cup game after Oviedo was carried off, but reflecting afterwards, there are some positives that can be taken from the incident. The togetherness that the team showed in the wake of Bryan’s injury was uplifting and it suggests that the team will continue to display the right attitude going into the second half of the season.

Everton fans watching on would have been proud of the way the team reacted to the injury and it was comforting to see the Club Captain Phil Jagielka first on the scene to support Bryan Oviedo in his time of need.  The above picture tells a lot about the character of the players, as it would have been understandable for them to turn away in such a situation, but the level headedness shown from the players was excellent and in particular, to see John Stones holding Oviedo’s hand was heart-warming.

The shock and horror on the faces of the team was evident, so to go on and win the game in such a professional manner was a clear indication of the mental strength of the side. Roberto Martinez commented in his pre-Derby press conference that Oviedo himself was still keen to encourage the team on to victory when on the stretcher, saying;

“The integrity he {Bryan} showed as he was being carried off the pitch – telling the other players to make sure they won the game – is just an example of the player he is”

The reaction of the team proved they truly have a phenomenal team spirit and they will have no doubt been spurred on even more by Oviedo’s brave words. Taking this into account, it is possible that the team will have grown even stronger as a result of coming through that testing incident; as it is worth remember that a similarly horrific injury to Arsenal player Eduardo a few years ago saw their team struggle to cope with it. There is sure to be the extra motivation to now go on and win the FA Cup for Bryan and if there is any justice in the world, then maybe Oviedo could somehow return to have a cameo in the final.

As a final point, Evertonian’s have also done themselves proud in their support of Oviedo.  Martinez commented that it had been overwhelming, with messages of support flooding via social media and this in turn has extended to the wider football community, with other fans, clubs and players all supporting Bryan.  There is a massive amount of good will towards him in his battle to be fit for the World Cup and no one would deserve it more than him if he was to recover in time.

If anything else can be taken from the past few days, it is that with the Derby game fast approaching, there is no doubt that the team will go Anfield as Blue Brothers in arms. All the motivation for a victory is there, so despite a growing injury list, the togetherness emanating out from the group suggests victory awaits.


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