Even Messi is backing McGeady to be a success!!!

With Aiden McGeady set to agree a transfer to Everton, either in the summer of during the January window, the Liverpool Echo published an article providing details on the career of the Irish winger. It featured a brilliant quote from Lionel Messi, where the World’s best player spoke glowingly about the former Celtic man.

“Aiden McGeady is a fast and skilful winger and someone I rate highly. He’d be successful anywhere in Europe.

“We will have to be very careful with him because his movement can be special and he has a great ability to appear in goalscoring positions out of the blue. I really like the way he plays football. He is a natural talent, who can create a brilliant piece of play in the blink of an eye…”

McGeady Spartak

With that glowing endorsement in mind, we have trawled the web to find the opinion of those supporters who have watched McGeady’s career develop, from his early days at Celtic to his international career with the Republic of Ireland.

The Celtic Wiki website, “the most comprehensive guide to Celtic on the web” provided their opinion on their former player.

Aiden McGeady was a cracking prodigious talent. He was able to bamboozle the opposition defence with turns and moves we’d not seen since Lubo (Moravcik). It was wonderful, and as a product of our youth system it was great to see a supporter play like he could at our club. He turned enough opposition players inside out which even they had to smile at the wonderful style of it all. 

However, the difficult situation at Celtic (didn’t help,) with poor coaching undermined the ability he had. He seemed to split the support. Some ridiculously saw him as a one-trick pony, but many just saw a boy with great talent who could take on any defence.

People must also realise that many opposition defences had players double-up on McGeady. This left him little room for manoeuvre. As the team’s most skilful player, he was the most targeted and the opposition fans, with their continual barracking of him (due to opting against Scotland for international honours) made sure he had it tougher than others. It’s a back-handed compliment that he was targeted by defenders but it did give our other players room to take advantage, it just meant that McGeady’s best moments and value could be missed by even our own support.

He was a hard worker and deserves credit; you just need to see the list of man-of-the-match awards to see his value to the first team.

Irish website ‘The Score’ recently published an article highlighting the importance of Aiden McGeady to the long-term success of the Republic of Ireland team under the new managerial reign of Martin O’Neill.

McGeady’s greatest asset is also the reason why he is routinely condemned by fans — he’s not afraid to try things. Consequently, he often irritates and even alienates supporters. While beating two players and only producing a sub-standard cross is much harder to do than simply hoofing the ball forward to no one in particular, the latter is generally accepted by supporters while the former will inevitably be met with mass groans of disapproval. Yet when stepping back and objectively analysing the situation, most people would agree that the team needs less hoofing and more dribbling, even if the latter tactic is only partially successful.

The Spartak Moscow player’s critics will undoubtedly claim that his final product invariably lets him down. And this is true to a degree — he’s not exactly Gareth Bale when it comes to finishing. However, this is surely the case with most wingers. The modern game is so fast-paced and they’ll have so little time on the ball that the odd poor cross is unavoidable.

McGeady sounds like a fantastic talent, a quick, skilful, hardworking player who will add to the fantastic blend at Goodison Park. There remain one or two question marks about his temperament and it would appear that McGeady has a fiery side to his game. Since his move to the Russian Premier League he has been shown a straight red card on three occasions and recently fell out with Valery Karpin, his manager at Spartak. But McGeady is a player that Martinez has tracked for a number of years and it would be foolish to criticise any decision of the Everton manager who has brought his blend of attractive football to Goodison and embedded a real sense of positivity on the blue side of Merseyside.


3 thoughts on “Even Messi is backing McGeady to be a success!!!

  1. Having watched McGeady for a long time at Celtic and followed him since I would say that Everton and Martinez are a good fit for Aidan.

    His defensive side of the game has improved as has his work rate through the years. Under Gordon Strachan he added the ability to beat a player with pace, by getting the ball out of his feet quicker, this turned him into a much more effective player and not the “one trick” pony – which was never a fair analogy.

    His assist rate is very high, was in 20+ one year at Celtic, highest in SPL last year was 13 if you want some context for that. His crossing is average at best, but he makes so many opportunities to cross the ball that his actual chances created would compare favourably with most wingers. Put simply he will excite fans and for the less aware demanding fans he will frustrate as well.

    Wish him and everton every success….he’ll always be a Bhoy at heart!

  2. Life long Celtic & toffees fan I loved mcgeady, would love a player like that now!! Puts bums on seats and is an entertainer. I 100% believe him and Coleman will make a perfect fit and he could be that something extra that secures top 4. Your buying quality….

  3. I must admit I didn’t know much about him until a couple of days ago, then searched on Youtube etc. Looks fast, exciting and one of us already. The articles I read however state that he has a bit of a temperament – I think the existing guys will sort that out though. God I love this season already, I don’t give a toss really where we finish – I have got my child boy love back and not just the middle aged Evertonian I was becoming. COYB – IBWT (B = Bobby)

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