I was conned by David Moyes

David Moyes did a brilliant job for Everton. He took over a football club which had been on its knees for over a decade, struggling towards the wrong end of the league and in a pitiful state financially. He turned the club round, he made us proud to be Blues again and he ensured that Evertonians were no longer worrying about survival. He took over a club that had an aging side, a team that was happy to sign Paul Gascoigne and David Ginola in the twilights of their careers and transformed the playing squad, signing fabulous players that embodied Everton. Mikel Arteta, Tim Cahill, Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines will be long remembered as fantastic players for Everton, Moyes signed them all.

Moyes smile

I personally held him on a pedestal. I was convinced, as were many others that Moyes was up there with the best. If he had the financial resources, or the even playing field afforded to previous Everton managers, then the club and its supporters would have been celebrating years of trophy success. But I wasn’t the only one.

Because David Moyes was doing such a fabulous job, the Evertonians, the media and the general football public believed every word he said. He (and we) lost all sense of positivity, instead focusing on enhancing Everton’s reputation as the plucky underdog, a tag that all Evertonians despise. We were no longer playing for first, we were playing for fifth, six and seventh. All would be recognised and celebrated as fantastic achievements. But as Roberto Martinez has been quick to point out, a team of Everton’s stature should not be aiming for anything less than first place.  David Moyes claimed Everton were fighting an impossible battle against the financial superpowers of English football, he certainly had a point, but as he is very quickly proving at Manchester United, all the financial riches in the world do not necessarily equal guaranteed success.

Under David Moyes talk of the clubs glorious past was banned. This suited the clubs management, who would rather be compared against failed eras of Mike Walker and Walter Smith, rather than the fabulously successful trophy laden 1980s. Everton’s most successful manager of all time, Howard Kendall wasn’t even invited to the clubs new training complex at Finch Farm. Thankfully his has already been corrected by the new regime, with Kendall invited down within weeks of Martinez’ appointment. Martinez was hungry to learn of Everton’s history and what better man to explain it all than Kendall who enjoyed success as both a player and manager. Pictures of successful teams now adorn the walls around the training ground, with past success used as motivation for the current crop fortunate to wear Everton blue.

Since the arrival of Roberto Martinez Everton have produced a string of fabulous results and the club is one again proud of its heritage. The School of Science is back, with the Toffees playing glorious free-flowing football that has the football purists purring. Even Arsenal, held aloft by many as the best footballing side in the country were out passed and outplayed. The clubs target for this season? Champions League football as a minimum!!! Everton are aiming for top spot. The club, players and management are not shouting it from the rooftops, but the aim is to be the best. To put Everton back where they belong, fighting Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to become Champions of England once again.

David Moyes was the greatest con artist of them all. His sleight of hand kept us in the dark, his well-timed quip, aimed perfectly for maximum effect kept Evertonians on side. He played the press expertly, better than almost any manager of the last 20 years, and that includes Alex Ferguson. No one dared to question him, he was held on a pedestal, he was the British manager fighting an almost loan battle against the growing tide of continental coaches. It wasn’t just the press who fell for it, we all did. When he announced his departure to Manchester United there was a huge outpouring of grief.  It was hard to believe Everton would survive without him. But it wasn’t Everton who were about to be uncovered and revealed as a fraud, it was the man at the helm, David Moyes.


30 thoughts on “I was conned by David Moyes

  1. Not all of us were conned…some of us were glad to see the back of him and rejoiced the day he left….credit where credit is due David Moyes did a decent job of stablising a very rocky ship but that’s ALL he did….tactically he is very very limited and his favoured style of play being KITAP1 which is now being creuelly exposed as his shield of ‘no money’ has been removed…Davis Moyes has disrespected Everton FootBall Club…not by leaving but with his behaviour since he left and that is why I hope he fails spectacularly in his new post….He has belived his own hype for many years which resulted in him thinking he was bigger than Everton FC and we were lucky to have him …how wrong he was….For all the stability he brought to me he will always be the man who drove me away from Goodison Park after decades of being a season ticket holder…I just couldn’t take his dour negative tactic’s and his ‘knife to a gunfight’ excuses anymore….thankfully with him now gone me & my son are able to return to the place we love dearly with the knowledge that at least we now have a chance of winning a trophy…something which would never have happened under Dour Davie…Man U fans beware !! your days of ruling all are very swiftly coming to an end…Dour Davie will ruin your club !!

    1. Bad, bad article! We have a huge amount to thank Moyes for. We could still be floating around the championship if it wasn’t for him. Martinez is doing very well, but will he really finish higher than Moyes has done previously!? It is going to be a tall order with Liverpool, Spurs and Utd all looking for 4th. Let’s see where we are at the end of the season before churning out outlandish articles like this…. Good comments from Rob

  2. Not sure you can call him a fraud. The transition from the Smith era to where we were last season was down to Moyes. Had he come into the club and stated he was aiming for 1st, he would have been laughed at. We were a very poor side as you state and we were the underdogs. He aimed to change Smiths side to a hardworking team that were difficult to beat. He did that and over time built a terrific squad with some great players. Over the last few seasons he had Everton playing better an better football…. although, I agree, he found it difficult to take that step up to the next level – something Martinez has.

    Whilst I’m a huge Martinez fan, you could argue he has only achieved what he has achieved due to the squad Moyes put together. Don’t forget, he was relegated with a Wigan side that was probably superior to the team Moyes inherited. Difficult to compare but hopefully you get my point!

    I also don’t believe you can judge him on 6 months at Utd. He inherited a poor side. Despite them winning the league last year, that was down to lack of challengers and squeezing every last drop out of older players by Ferguson.

    Compare both managers after 2/3 years for a more accurate assessment. They may both be frauds…. although it speaks volumes that I wouldn’t swap Roberto for Moyes!

    1. “Over the last few seasons he had Everton playing better an better football” No we didnt, we got more and more boring. In 2009 we were in a fa cup final. We were also in Europe that year. After that we never got close to either. Better ?

      1. I was suggesting that the style of football improved. It appears that you only state facts so I apologise for my suggestion or opinion!

    2. Lol research mate Martinez went down and won fa cup he had 3rd choice defence all season due to injuries go and look if u don’t believe me …….

      Martinez knows how to win the big games, does Moyes? I don’t really know, fact we beat United and battered Liverpool on every level but gave silly goals away, we out passed Arsenal, oh yeah and he beat City 1-0 in a cup final with Wigan. This is the best football I have seen us play in last 15 years

      1. Tom, I do believe you, don’t worry. And I am aware that he had injury issues. He still went down. Moyes had a shocking squad when he took over, but didnt go down.
        I completely agree it’s fantastic football. I was simply trying to provide a balanced opinon, trying to play devils advocate, rather than simply telling people that they are wrong, I am right.
        There were swathes of supporters desperate for some unknown manager to take over and threw up at the thought of Martinez taking over – whislt at the same time desperate than Moyes was going…. hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  3. I don’t know what you mean by David Moyes’ sleight of hand. Also I think ‘A huge outpouring of grief’ is hyperpole at best. The sane amongst us need only look at his finishes to see that his perfomances resembled some form of Bessell Function, the Zenith of 4th appearing at the end of his 3rd full season in charge. He managed to get stability at around the 5th-8th region, managing so for 7 of the 8 remianing seasons.

    We had stability and I was looking forward to some causion to the wind; a manager who simultaneously won a trophy and relegated his team in the same season? Perfect. I genuinely was not disapointed at Moyes leaving, he and Everton both needed a change, risky but needed none-the-less.

  4. I understand the sentiment, however some knew all along Moyes wasn’t as good as he himself, Kenwright and the general fans thought! The simple fact is Everton fans generally happy Moyes is gone, and the Man United fans are generally unhappy Moyes is manager, says it all!

  5. I think this is a great article but I also agree with every word from Nelly. I was sick to death of every season hearing “let’s get to 40pts then we’ll talk”
    I’m glad to see the back of him, he treated Bill very badly and let us all down by the manner in which he left.
    His behaviour towards us since he left has stunk and I wish him nothing, in fact I’m starting to think he actually held us back with his dour negativity.
    Bobby Martin is a breath of fresh air, a really nice guy and is proving himself to be a very good manager, exciting times ahead.
    David who. ?

  6. about its moyes team,well i dont remember james mccarthy,gareth barry and romelu lukaku from last season and barkley was certainly never trusted,so its martinez’s signings which has moved us onto another level,he has disproved the myth that 6th place is our lot,2 defeats in 20 games and we should have had more points,martinez is doing exactly what moyes should have done years ago

  7. I dont treat him as a fraud because when he took over we were in an awful position, we had an old squad going no where but down and very nearly did.
    he came in got rid of gazza etc and the players that where on big bucks and stabilised the club with no money.
    I personally was upset when he left and will sometimes take part in jibes at his misfortunes at manu but I will not have digs at the guy at what he achieved at our club in our hour of need.
    I remember the day when we played Wimbledon and Granada had made a programme about our demise and we came back from the brink, I look at it as payback to the Manchester journalists that put the programme together now seeing their beloved manu going through the wringer.
    its not David Moyes its just the situation I find funny

  8. I don’t think Moyes conned anyone with regards how high Everton could get. He was honest that his style and ability was best to hope for top 5 or 6 (he always said top 10) Moyes did a good job but Martinez is just a better tactitian and with the right players (he has about 6 or 7) Martinez could make dreams a reality!

  9. Sorry to correct you, but not all Evertonians thought Moyes was great when he was in charge.
    I for one was banned from numerous Everton forums or criticising his negative, dour, predictable brand of football and unwillingness to hold Kenwright to account.

  10. A few good points that I agree with but also to disregard everything David moyes did for the club is very disrespectful. I do think moyes took us as far as he could and for himself needed a new challenge. This season has been fantastic with some great results and performances. We have Lukaku who looks a fantastic player but 18 months ago we were all crowing about Jelavic. Sky sports had their team of the season that included 4 Everton players in the back 5 that were all Moyes signings. We beat United at old Trafford this season but so have West Brom, Newcastle, Spurs and Swansea. It also wasn’t a Ferguson team which is a completely different animal. Lukaku and Deulofeu will unlikely be playing for us next season and it is early days for the Wigan contingent that Martinez brought with him. When Bob has kept us in this position for a few seasons while playing the attractive possession football we are playing and made a few more permanent signings can he truly be hailed as the next step for Everton football club.

    1. Paul you are correct…West Brom,Newcastle etc have also beaten Man U at Old Trafford something that used to happen to us and was generally unheard of at Old Trafford…now just look at who is Man Utd manager….see anything familiar ???

  11. This article has been written by an idiot! David Moyes, as is stated within the article, moved our club from a relegation threatened shambles to a club that sat neatly behind the top four, eventually raising our level above even the team from across the park, all of whom spent multi millions to attain that status, the reds even had chairmen taken over by others with even more cash when things went wrong. How Moyes did it is even more incredible when you look at the cost of his signings, Arteta, Pienaar, Jagielka, Baines et al. Who else could have managed this? You must live in cloud cuckoo land if you seriously believe he underachieved. You shame yourself with this blinded and negative view of a man who should be lauded by our club who were very lucky to have him, how soon you forget the shambles we were in and have left behind all because our new manager is doing well for 5 months, yes we are playing well and life is good at the moment but that revolves around several key players – Lukaku, Delofeu and Barry – All LOAN signings and likely not to be here next season so to just stand still all will need to be replaced or signed- Lukaku-25mil, Delofeu-not happening but 15mil for arguments sake and Barry – 32yrs. Let me be clear thats 40mil to stand still! Enjoy this season while it lasts for Martinez but tougher times lie ahead, ask me in 11 years if Martinez is better than Moyes. I have never responded to any of these sort of messages before but your short sighted delusion needs to be challenged – How bad were we 11 years ago we all know, how bad were we when Moyes left? and now you believe its acceptable to write this bile. short sighted and idiotic

    1. Best E-mail on this forum, well said pete, we are not half way through the season and all we get is moyes bashes. I agree the football is another level but to batter moyes like this calling him a fraud is way out of order.

    2. Sorry Pete but it appears that it is YOU who is the idiot if you believe Moyes “should be lauded by our club who were very lucky to have him…” are you sure you’re not Dour Davie in disguise because this is the same type of garbage that Moyes himself began to believe during the last couple of seasons of his tenure….YES he did underachieve because IMO he SHOULD have won a trophy during those 11yrs…he had several opportunities to do so (regardless of the club’s financial position) and bottled it every time due to his dour, negative tactics…do I need to list the games ?? He was never able to win anything at Preston either…he got to enough play-offs but he couldn’t win one…once again probably due to his dour,negative tactics….As I said in my previous post Moyes did a decent job to stabilise the club but that’s ALL he did..no more no less…How a manager can be considered great if he’s NEVER won a trophy is beyond me…as for being ‘lauded’ & we were ‘lucky to have him’ well that’s just absolute nonsense….make no mistake David Moyes lack of tactical ability is currently being found out big time and he has no shield (Kenwright) to protect him so let’s just see how good he actually is…if what you say is true then Man Utd fans will be celebrating another teriffic trophy haul come May after all he did inherit a team which had just won the league for the 20th time…somehow I just don’t think that is going to happen do you ? btw Man U fans don’t seem to be ‘lauding’ him nor do they think they’re ‘lucky to have him’ in fact I don’t think the majority even wanted him in the first place…I think the gereral consensus around Old Trafford at the moment is that they want him gone asap….As for Martinez he may not win anything but at least he will try and win games…no more going to OT/Anfield/Emirates/Stamford Bridge and being happy to come out ‘alive never mind with any points’…Moyes’ words not mine …the performances against these sides this season have proved that already….no more ‘knife to a gunfight’ crap…all excuses he used to hide behind to disguise his very limited ability….you are entiteld to your oinion about Moyes but please do not make him out to be something he isn’t…As for your comments about loan players why be so negative….Yes Lukaku may well return to Chelsea but who knows what might happen if we did actually finish in the top four ?? Delofeu has hardly played and I’m quietly confident that Barry will become a permanent sigining in the summer…there how about that spin…The style of football Everton have played in the last 5 mths is far better than ANYTHING dished up in 11yrs by Dour Davie…regardless of available cash we are now standing toe to toe with the likes of Aresenal/Man Utd/Chelsea and looking like a top four side and more importantly BELIEVING we can beat these teams…Martinez’s no fear approach is the compleate opposite of Dour Davie’s KITAP1 tactics that in the main FAILED !! I know which team I prefer to watch…and btw let’s not forget that Martinez has actually won a trophy something that Moyes couldn’t do in 11yrs…a trend he looks like he’s carrying on even tho’ he’s now manager of the reigning leauge champions…the club who have won trophy after trophy for the last 25yrs or so….not anymore !!

  12. I am pleased that Martinez is with us leading the way, however, the core of the team that he is working with belongs to the work of Moyes…..Baines, Jagielka, Distin, Coleman, Howard, and to a lesser extent Mirallas at this point, were all brought in during the Moyes era. Did he have his shortcomings, yes, namely his cautious, defensive tendencies, however, this current team is being built on the foundation that Moyes created.

    I love the direction that Martinez is taking the team but the proof will be in the pudding. What long term effects will he bring. Lukaku and Barry are loan deals….if he signed them I will be very happy…..McCarthy is a great start.

    Moyes is leading a team with very different expectations and his learning curve is currently very steep. What will happen I can’t know but this I do know…..for both Moyes and Martinez……

    Early days……However, for Martinez these are very good early days…

    1. Surely the fact that the core of the squad is still made up of a large number of players brought in by Moyes proves his short comings….?? Moyes has only one tactic HOOFBALL !!
      I think you’ll find that Martinez expectations for Everton are far greater than Moyes’ ever were and it shows every time his team takes the field….Martinez expects EVERTON to be challenging for the top four & trophies whereas Moyes had you all conned that we were lucky to be challenging for 6th/7th place and could NEVER compete with the top four because we have no cash…certainly doesn’t seem that way now does it. ??.. Where is ‘the knife’ he used to take to the gunfight ?? Unfortunately for him it would appear that ‘the knife’ he referred to was actually his tactics and fear of the opposition…

  13. I agree with most of this article, but to say he was a con artist is a bit harsh, he definitely made us look and feel like we were lucky to be where we were, purely because he believed that himself. Martinez is a breath of fresh air, impossible for any supporter of football to dislike him, a gentleman of the sport, that in itself will make him go to the top.

  14. Everyone has a limited ‘shelf life’ and it was time for Moyes to move on, and as it happens for Everton to move on, which they have done – it’s great to watch us competing and outplaying the big teams, but we’ve still dropped stupid points to teams we should be beating handsomely. I’m happy with Martinez, very happy. The fans outlook mirrored Moyes at the end so as I said the time was right. Martinez appointment has re-energized everyone, lets hope he can turn those silly draws into wins, sometimes just playing pretty football doesn’t cut it against teams sitting back, we need to find a way around that to be really successful.

  15. I agree in principle with the article but not the words used as it obviously came from the heart
    Moyes problem for me ,yes he did stabilize the club , yes he was too dour in his tactics and yes he had run out of ideas but the fact that he ran down his contract lying all the way ,I hate him for that
    The Martinez argument that he had his team relegated ,well you can only paint with the colours you have and he has more now
    If we can play as good as he talks we are in for some ride ,never mind the players,he has captured the crowd , like no one I remember before him at Goodison , I do remember the way Shankly took the dark side from 2nd division hopefuls to – – – –
    well I don’t want to see it in print
    He has a certain way of captivating people around him and if he is with us eleven years I feel that cabinet will be bulging
    Lastly a mention for Antolin Alcaraz ,I think he is so good and even cheaper than Seamus and Stones what a prospect ! We too hope you become a legend here John

    1. i totally agree about the contract thing plus the fact he went to Utd’s training ground 2 days a week whilst still employed as Everton manager beggars belief and was a show of total disrespect to the club whom had put him in the frame in the first place….Since his departure Moyes has continued to disrespect EVERTON FC with things he has said and done and totally tried to undermine Martinez with his ‘that Everton team could manage itself…’ crap…If there’s any team that could manage itself it’s Man UTd and just look where they are now under his stewardship…from Champions to also rans in in less than 6 mths…mind you they need not worry too much cos Moyes knows all about finishing 7th and passsing it off as success !!

  16. Nelly move on and take the bitterness with you. Yes Moyes had shortcomings and it has left a bad taste the way he moved on, but get real. In the time he was with Everton we went forward and up the league. After 11 years it was time for him to go and us to take the next step. He brought some great players to the club, Some icons that we will never forget. I do not know how old you are but I remember the shambles under Walter Smith. As Evertonians we should have more class than to be vitriolic to a man that served us well. Everyone has their time and his had come. Welcome the future, as I do, but do not regret the past as it has served us well. We had some great times with Moyes and we had some difficult times but no where near some of the rubbish we were served up by some other managers.
    As another contributor said it is revisionist rubbish.

    1. Spot on Paul I remember being sat in the dump that is Middlesbrough. 3 nil down at half time playing absolute dros. Paul Ince doing stupid summarsaults in front of me to the day when David moyes left leaving a solid team with an excellent work ethic and togetherness. Yes moyes was negative but he did Everton proud in his time here but think it was best for everyone when he did move on.

  17. I’m a Manchester United fan, been one all my life. A agree with most of your comments on here and this is my assessment. Firstly, I think David Moyes was the wrong choice to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. A club the size of Manchester United needed a manager who commanded respect, a manager who’s been there and done it all, a manager with a track record of winning and building winning teams. David Moyes has none. He’s only similarity to Ferguson and Busby is that he’s Scottish. David Moyes is a manager with limited abilities. He did well to stabalise Everton when he got there, I’ll give him that. But where has he taken them since? He’s stabalised the club into top 10 finishers which is good for continuity and receiving decent share of the revenues from tv rights, premier league positions etc. So yes i think he stabalised the finances , secured premier league survival and assumed that the club was going forward but in actual fact that is where it all ends. I’m not one to accept the excuse that he did well with a small budget. Records show that he broke the Everton transfer records on numerous occassions, at times over paid for mediocre players only to sell them for way less than what he paid for them. He provided the much needed stability and that is it. The club has since stagnated under him. To me his time at Everton seemed to be built on a strategy of “NOT LOSING”. Defensive minded, not a risk taker, never going for the kill or even trying to win a trophy. He became so obsessed with premier league survival that he sacrificed silverware for it which is proven by his poor run in the FA Cup and League Cup throughout his tenure as Everton manager. The sooner we’re out of the cups, the better, I can continue with my task of securing premier league survival without the hindrance of additional games , seemed to be his way of thinking. For all that it’s worth, the 4th place finish was never built upon, that that was one of the lowest 4th place points tally’s in the history of the premier league and the fact that he finished 11th the following season tells me it was more of a fluke than a major stepping stone to the next level. He’s bought a ton of players in his time at Everton but I’ve never seen the fruits of the youth academy come to the fore. Where are all the 14/15/16/17 year old from your youth academy from 2002/2003 ? They should be 25/6/27/28 year olds established in the Evertonian way either commanding the first team or playing top level football somewhere else. Wayne Rooney did come from the Everton academy, but lets face it, he’s a natural talent. He’s like your Messi’s, Ronaldo’s, Zidane’s, Maradonna’s and Pele’s. They were born with the talent,their talent wasnt developed. Ross Barkley seems to be another in that mold. Jack Rodwell i believe is average at best. In 11 years at Everton he’s got 1 FA Cup losers medal to show for it. He hasn’t developed any youth talent or built on the youth setup which is of primary importance to smaller clubs without big finances. Look at how many world class stars have come out of Southampton and West Ham. Moyes didnt up the youth setup at Everton. To be honest, I never in my wildest dreams expected him to become manager of Manchester United… EVER. it’s only after his appointment that i started researching him and looking into the “real” David Moyes hoping to find something that would appease me as a Manchester United fan. I’ve found nothing and then i stumble upon posts like these that verify my sentiments by the Everton fans. I was never going to give him a chance, infact my opinion was the sooner he gets the boot, the sooner Manchester United can get back to their normal ways. I’m not going to elaborate on who i think should or shouldnt manage Manchester United but i will tell you this much. The little respect i had for him, that little bit deep inside that said maybe you should give the guy a chance was lost on the day we played Everton at Old Trafford.
    David Moyes instead of focussing on his job at hand, winning the game for his new club chose to have a go at his replacement, a cheap, low blow that summed up his character and made me lose all respect for David Moyes right there. The comments were something on the lines of this (i cant remember the exact words)… Everton dont need a manager right now, those lads are the lads i built into my team, they all know exactly what they need to do and they dont need Roberto Martinez to tell them how to do it. …. I’m sorry,but dont try to slag another manager on the grounds of trying to make yourself look better. Fergie, Mourinho, Ancellotti, Bobby Robson, Guardiola….managers who have won tons of trophies all over the show have never had a personal attack on a managers dignity like this before.
    The fact that “his” Everton team are playing the best football of their lives right now and the Champions of England are playing the worst football of their lives right now makes you ask one question. What is the common denominator? The answer…. David Moyes. An Underachieving Everton team is playing good attacking , attractive football. Something they’ve never played under Moyes while Manchester United are now playing dull, boring, one dimensional football under Moyes. Maybe the word “fraud” isa bit harsh, but i think the eyes of the world have been opened regarding David Moyes. He’s not a special manager, he’s not a proven winner and he’s not got an eye for talent. He’s not going to lift anybody to new heights, he’s not gonna motivate anyone to become better players and when the chips are down, he’s not got a clue on how to get it up again.

    From my side, i can tell you that Everton are playing excellent football again. They type we saw in the 80’s. Roberto Martinez is doing a sterling job at your club and i in all honesty hope to see you guys up there at the top challenging for honours again. Us at Manchester United on the other hand will probably be languishing around 7th/8th acting like the Liverpool fans talking about our history because under Moyes, our success is now history.

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