Moyes takes the praise for Everton’s start to the season

Ahead of the match between Manchester United and his former club Everton, David Moyes couldn’t resist a slight dig at his successor at Goodison Park, claiming that he had the Toffees so organised that they would have continued to perform well whoever Bill Kenwright had chosen as the next manager of Everton.

Martinez vs Moyes

A number of leading pundits felt the Blues would struggle following Moyes’ decision to leave the club to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson, but Everton have done incredibly well under Martinez and with over a third of the season gone have lost just one Premier League match. When Moyes was quizzed on how well his successor had done at the club, he spoke positively of the job Martinez is doing, but was also quick to remind the press that he had put the foundations in place to enable the Spaniard to flourish.

“He is doing a very good job.

“He has very good players there. I always told them they could play without a manager because they are very well organised.

“But Roberto is doing a really good job keeping it going.”

Moyes continues to look back on his time at Everton with fondness, but admits he might receive a less than positive reception from the travelling Blues.

“I think the reception could be mixed.

“It was a great club for me, they were fabulous to me and gave me a chance to succeed.

“It was up and down the first couple of years but we were pretty consistent after that.

“But I must say that I have great memories of the players and what they achieved in recent seasons and I was close to a lot of them in the end.

“I do know a lot of them, I probably brought most of them to Goodison, if not them all, except for the recent ones. They’re all really good players and I’ve got a lot to thank them for because they helped me to win games.

“They were working hard for me week in, week out and most weeks they delivered for me.”


One thought on “Moyes takes the praise for Everton’s start to the season

  1. I’ll never get over the complete change in demeanour and level of hypocrisy Moyes continues to exhibit. He’s like a different guy.

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