Top 5 Comical (Everton-Liverpool) Merseyside derby goals

After we brought you our top ten Merseyside goals yesterday, we continue the build up to Saturday’s derby with a look back at the best five comical goals from previous encounters between Everton and Liverpool. The derby is a highly charged game and the pressure is intense, sometimes that pressure can lead to catastrophic mistakes.


5. Sami Hyypia (Own goal at Goodison Park 2007-08)

With Liverpool under pressure in the early stages of this game, Sami Hyypia inexcusably directed the ball past Reina to give Everton the lead.

4. Andy Johnson (Goodison Park 2006-07)

Everton were already two-nil up when Carsley’s long-range shot was bizarrely parried into the air by Reina allowing Andy Johnson to head home Everton’s third.

3. Graeme Sharp (Goodison Park 1990-91)

A goal from the 4-4 FA Cup classic during the 1990-91 season. Everton had just fallen behind for the second time when Steve Nichol and Bruce Grobellaar failed to communicate allowing Graeme Sharp the easiest of equalisers.

2. Bruce Grobellaar (Own goal at Wembley 1984-85)

In the 1984 Charity Shield, FA Cup holder Everton finally got the better of Liverpool in a show-piece occasion thanks to a bizarre own goal from Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobellaar.

1. Kevin Ratcliffe (Anfield 1985-86)

Kevin Ratcliffe only scored two goals in his Everton career, but this one which hobbled and bobbled towards Grobellaar before slipping through the Liverpool keepers legs was easily the best.


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