Ferguson stopped Moyes signing new Everton deal

Alex Ferguson’s new autobiography was always likely to cause a stir, but the latest revelations regarding his involvement in the appointment of David Moyes as Manchester United manager will surely force Bill Kenwright and the Everton board to seek compensation from United.


“He (Moyes) phoned me around February for some advice about his contract, they were pushing him to sign a new contract.

“I knew in myself I was going to retire, so I’m thinking if he signed a contract it would be more difficult for us.

“I said to him you’ve had 10 years there that’s long enough, you’ll get a bigger club.

“I kept phoning him to make sure he wasn’t going to sign a new contract.

“We had to wait until the league was decided, once the league was decided I got David over to the house and I think he thought we were going to talk about his contract again, but I said look I want you to take over.” Alex Ferguson

The revaluation that Ferguson was instrumental in persuading and ultimately convincing Moyes not to sign a new deal with Everton is at the very least disappointing. Alex Ferguson’s lack of respect for one of English football’s great institutions is understandable, even if it is against the nature and respect that Premier League clubs tend to show one another, but the fact that David Moyes can treat Everton and the Evertonians who supported him so passionately, with so little respect is disgusting.

Well David, we have a message for you. We are better off with Roberto and as the sell out Goodison crowd on Saturday demonstrated, we are all enjoying the fresh open and exciting approach of your successor. We wish you the happiest of failures at Old Trafford.


3 thoughts on “Ferguson stopped Moyes signing new Everton deal

  1. @StDomingos1878 @NSNO39 isn’t that tapping up and isn’t there a rule against that

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