Why has the Goodison atmosphere improved under Martinez?

Goodison Park is one of the most historical and atmospheric grounds in England, with the Evertonians able to generate a terrific noise in support of the Blues. However, in recent seasons, the famous Goodison roar has gone quiet, with a number of regular attenders at Goodison Park criticising the lack of atmosphere inside the ground.

Goodison supporters

Certainly in the later years of the David Moyes era, it would require either a poor refereeing decision, or an inspirational performance from the Blues to fire the supporters up. At times even this wasn’t enough, with the shouts of the players audible from the stands. Whether it be the change of manager, or the more exciting style of play, the Goodison roar would appear to be back. Several players have commented on the brilliant atmosphere inside Goodison this season, with players including Barcelona loanee Gerard Deulofeu, a player who has performed in front of 90,000 supporters in the Camp Nou, eulogizing about the support the team receive.

“The fans are spectacular… When there is a corner it sounds like the end of the world.” Gerard Deulofeu

“The atmosphere was different class. As a kid you dream about playing in front of big crowds at places like this. The fans got right behind the team and they were brilliant.” James McCarthy

“I’ve said all week that I had been looking forward to being on the right side of fans,” Barry said. “They are the 12th man and to have them on our side made the difference in the end. It was brilliant and hopefully that can continue all season.

“There was a fantastic atmosphere out there. These night games at Goodison always have a great atmosphere and the boys put in a great shift and thoroughly deserved the three points.” Gareth Barry

So what is the reason for the return of the atmosphere at Goodison? Is it the new manager and his more attacking style of play? Is it a quirk of the fixture list and three out of four home matches taking place in the evening under the Goodison floodlights? 

Do you think the improved atmosphere is here to stay? What are your thoughts? Have you noticed an improvement in the noise inside Goodison this season?


6 thoughts on “Why has the Goodison atmosphere improved under Martinez?

  1. I don’t think it is the attacking style of play as much as the new attitude that Martinez has brought to the club. Moyes’ constant downplaying of expectations and frustratingly mediocre transfer moves just served to suck the life out of supporters, even during a hopeful start (as last season). Now, while still remaining realistic, Martinez has inspired fans to hope for improvement, rather than expecting them to be grateful for the status quo. Add to that the actual improvements brought in through the transfer window, and it’s not surprising that supporters’ are being more vocal in their support for “Hope will never be silent.”

  2. Until the Newcastle match I hadn’t been for about three years after having had a season ticket for thirty years.Both me and my grandson thought there was little atmosphere but that was perhaps because we were in the Park End whereas when we had season tickets we were on the Gwladys St.

  3. Tim your spot on mate! Dour hypercrite Dave has gone, now a manager with vision (defence still needs adding to tho) so things are bound to be better, hence fans are getting off their seats and getting excited and entertained!!!! Simple!

  4. I’m not entirely sure the atmosphere is better. But I thought that it was great before! It is, however, different. When we have the ball and we’re playing it around at the back, there’s nothing to get excited about, and in fact, there’s plenty to be nervous about – and I’ve noticed the crowd can go very quiet.
    But when we get the ball in the oppo half, i think the noise level then goes up a notch, because there is an anticipation that we will actually do something with the possession we’ve got. I thought the first half against Newcastle was one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced at Goodison, I wonder why, but vs Chelsea, there were long spells of nervous silence.
    Will be interesting vs Hull if they come and park the bus and we can’t break them down.

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