Martinez vs Moyes – A transfer market comparison

Deadline day was a chaotic 24 hours for both the new and old Everton boss; and they coped with it in very different ways. David Moyes, the new Manchester United boss is coming under some scrutiny after his deadline day actions, with the last-minute buy of Marouane Fellaini being seen by many as nothing but a panic buy. However on the other hand, Roberto Martinez and his deadline day transfers have been talked about in the highest regard with the capture of Romelu Lukaku being tipped as one the ‘signings of the summer’.

Martinez vs Moyes

Why is Marouane Fellaini a panic buy?

After failed bids for the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Ander Herrera, Leighton Baines and even earlier in the summer for Marouane Fellaini, Moyes needed to bring a big money signing in or face the wrath of the Manchester United supporters.

A failed bid of £12 million for Baines was followed by Moyes tabling a joint £30 million offer for both Baines and Fellaini which was quickly rejected by Everton. With this being the case, Moyes must have known that Everton would have wanted at least £15 million for Baines in that joint bid, meaning that Moyes must have valued Fellaini in the second offer at no more than £15 million; so why pay £27.5 million for him on deadline day? Moyes panicked!

In addition to the earlier failed offers, it was well documented all summer that Fellaini had a release clause in his contract at a price of £23.5 million. If Moyes truly had Fellaini in his first choice plans at Manchester United, then you would have thought he would have cashed in on Marouane’s trigger clause earlier in the summer. However instead of this, Moyes waited until the final hour of the transfer window and paid northwards of £4 million on top of the release fee to finally secure the signing of Fellaini.

All of this adds up to a last-ditch panic buy in my eyes.

Clever business from Roberto

This summer’s transfer window saw Martinez make seven new additions at Everton, each of them bringing something new to the Everton squad. During Moyes’ 11 year reign, I cannot remember one time we brought in seven new additions to our squad in one transfer window. The seven new additions to the Everton squad are: Antolin Alcaraz, Arouna Kone, Joel Robles, Gerard Deulofeu, Gareth Barry, James McCarthy and Romelu Lukaku. Alcaraz, Kone, Robles and Deulofeu were all brought at the start of the transfer window, meaning that there was no serious pressure on Martinez to do any last-minute business on deadline day; but the business Martinez did manage to pull off was remarkable for Everton Football Club.

Yes, we lost one of our best players in the shape of Fellaini, but we lost him for an extremely good price and we brought in more than enough to cover his position and arguably push on. To cover the loss of Fellaini, Everton brought in the services of Gareth Barry and James McCarthy. Barry at 32 brings with him a mass of experience, along with the title of an FA Cup winner and a Premier League champion. Barry has been a key figure in the plans of Manchester City until this season, but with the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini, Barry was told he no longer featured in Manchester City’s plans. The other addition in the centre of the park for Everton is the young Scottish/Irish boy, James McCarthy (22), who came with the high price tag of £13 million. McCarthy is the brightest talent to be coming out of the Republic of Ireland for many years, and is an extremely classy box to box central midfielder. McCarthy will only get better and hopefully make the £13 million price tag seem like a bargain in the future.

The transfer of the summer’

The capture of Romelu Lukaku has been tipped as the transfer of the summer. The 19-year-old Belgium netted 17 goals on loan for West Brom last season. Lukaku is a year older, a year more experienced and therefore a year better. Questions have been asked why Chelsea have let Lukaku leave on loan for the season as he has been scoring goals all pre-season for Chelsea, but Everton are not going to be complaining. Everton might even have the Young Player of the Year on their hands for the 2013/14 season.

Everton may have lost their big haired midfield maestro, but Martinez has certainly finished the summer with a stronger squad to ensure there are exciting times ahead for the Martinez era.

Toby Fletcher


2 thoughts on “Martinez vs Moyes – A transfer market comparison

  1. I agree that Martinez did better than Moyes in the transfer market. However, I’m not sure with the ‘panic buy’ assessment of Moyes. I have a feeling that new CEO Edward Woodward has more questions to answer than Moyes does. Dithering Dave will have given his transfer targets, but if Woodward does not understand what a buy out clause is (both Fellaini and Herrera had one than there was not much chance of getting your man in. I suppose that so late on in the window, they made a bid that would not be refused to ensure a signing.

    1. I think there is an element of panic when it was left so long to make a first signing…Moyes has looked to defend the transfer in today’s press conference, but if you pay £4m over a release fee because it took too long to get organised then I would agree with Toby, Moyes panicked!

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