At what price would you sell?

Manchester United have had a pitiful bid of £28 million for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines rejected.


Baines and Fellaini are key to Everton this season; they will play a major part if we want to achieve European Football.

It is reported that the bids are valued as followed…
Fellaini- £16 million
Baines- £12 million.

A lot of Everton fans find this insulting. Does Moyes think that because he was their previous manager that, this will encourage them to join regardless of the price tag? I really hope not.

Also i think that Martinez has realized that the two of them will be crucial to the blues this season as this is the second bid he has rejected from Manchester United.

I now wish that the club will come out and and restore faith in the fans by simply saying that, “They are not for sale.” Up to now i think the club has dealt with this extremely well, and so have the players, no inconvenient and sudden ‘injuries’ and they have both kept quiet, not upsetting the fans or the other players.

So blues tell me what you think would be a reasonable price? Or would you not sell them at all?


8 thoughts on “At what price would you sell?

  1. Cheeky Mancs!! they are both gonna move on and most likely to the mancs, but to offer that amount is just not fair on EFC and their fans.

  2. I think Baines is irreplaceable and shouldn’t be sold. £25m is reasonable for Fellaini, but has to be this week so we have time to replace him. If not, we should keep hold of him.

  3. Keeping Baines I believe is far more critical than the loss of Fellaini would rather he stayed however. In truth I had hoped that a figure of £30m for Fellani alone would have been about right. What is very important is that we don’t allow him to be sold at the end of the window leaving us no time to get him replaced. If he does go…who would you like to see replace him….?

  4. Offer £8 million for Rooney and when they say he isnt for sale, then return the comment, I would also lodge a complaint to the FA for them trying to unsettle the players, ginger fool

  5. Surely you have to be looking at £24m for Fellaini and £16m for the Premier league’s and possibly Europe’s best left back in his prime years???

  6. Gareth Bale worth twice that of the combined skill and talent of Baines and Felli, two regular internationals?
    You got to be joking!

    Fellaini worth double that of Baines who eclipsed everyone last season in his assists and minutes played? Thus stating that Baines has half the talent of Fellaini.
    You got to be joking!

    In this slighly rotund Evertonians opinion Fellaini should command around £26 Million but in that respect so should Baines – £26 Million each.

    Gareth Bales agent ought to check himself into a mental hospital and David Moyes (who I greatly respected this time last season) should open the purse that he keeps the proper money in and return with a respectable offer. He’s ceratinly showing his colours now!

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