“Here we go” – Classic Video from Wogan

Here we go, an Everton classic that has made a comeback on the terraces in recent seasons, especially amongst the away day Blues.

here we go

The song was originally recorded for the 1985 FA Cup final as the all conquering Everton side prepared to take on Manchester United at Wembley. The Blues were huge favourites and were on the verge of securing the League title for the first time since 1969-70. They had also progressed past Bayern Munich in the European Cup Winner Cup and were due to face Rapid Vienna in Rotterdam in the final.

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Everton is the best we all know
We’re the team, we’re supreme, number one
and we love you Everton
Here we go, here we go, here we go
Side by side as we sing along together
We’re Everton and we’ll be Everton forever

As the song goes, Everton were the new sensation and were the talk of all the nation and made an appearance on Prime time BBC1 TV show Wogan, to perform their Cup Final record to millions watching at home.

We’re the new sensation
We’re the talk of all the nation
We’re so glad to wear the Blue
Share this magic day with you

Enjoy the video below. It is certainly a little cringe worthy and one or two of players are just waiting for the ground to swallow them up, but for those alive at the time it will bring back some fantastic memories of a time when Everton were the team supreme.


2 thoughts on ““Here we go” – Classic Video from Wogan

  1. That is brilliant! Sharpy would rather be anywhere else! Glad this one has got going again at the aways recently. What a great side.

  2. What a video, brings back great memories, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I watched it

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