New signing starts to mend burnt bridges

Alan Myers, as the North West’s football correspondent for Sky Sports, has reported on several high-profile Everton signings, from new managers through to record-breaking transfers. But few and I am sure you could count Alan in this, would have considered that his name would have been the talk of Merseyside after he completed his return to Everton, over 12 years since he departed.


I am sure you haven’t missed the news, but in case you have, Alan Myers is the new Director of Communications at Everton, taking over from the recently departed and controversial figure, Paul Tyrrell. Everton CEO, Robert Elstone described the importance of the role in welcoming Myers back to the club “Talking and listening to our fans is something we pride ourselves on and Alan’s expertise and knowledge will ensure the Club’s dialogue with its fans continues to grow.”

Myers has already made an excellent impression on his fellow Evertonians. Officially he is not due to start his new role until August 1st, but has immediately set about canvassing the opinions of the Everton support, spending the last three nights responding to hundreds of questions posed to him by news hungry Blues, all wanting the best for their football club and looking to ensure that the match day experience at Goodison is enhanced. It remains to be seen whether this level of interaction can be maintained, but Myers himself has indicated that he will do all he can to keep the line of communication from club to supporters open at all times.

His honesty is most welcome and comes at a crucial time. Ever since the Tesco/Kirkby disaster, Evertonians have been divided. At times the divide has not been as evident due to the brilliant work that David Moyes and his players produced on the football pitch, but in the pubs, terraces and on the internet, the battle lines between those, for and against, the current Everton board have been ingrained in the sand for some time. For many, the release of the amended club crest, with very little consultation with the supporter base, was the final straw. It certainly drew an angry reaction. In fairness the club responding quickly, promising a far-reaching and extensive consultation, to draw up and design a suitable crest that accurately represents Everton and all our history and tradition for the foreseeable future. It will be Myers job to ensure that happens and that similar PR disasters become a thing of the past.

Alan Myers has taken on an incredibly difficult job, one that Ian Ross and Paul Tyrrell, his two predecessors have found near impossible, but his enthusiasm, his love for Everton Football Club and his knowledge of the media should ensure his appointment is successful and Everton can finally start to repair the broken relationships with their supporter base.


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