I’ll get you in the Champions League

Roberto Martinez has started his reign as manager of Everton with a promise to get Everton in the Champions League.


At a packed press conference, new Everton manager, Roberto Martinez has spoken about his ambition to build on the years of progress under David Moyes.

Bill Kenwright promised funds for Martinez to build on the already strong squad in place and confirmed that he will not be welcoming any moves from Manchester United for any of Everton’s players, simply stating “apart from one with an escape clause (Fellaini) others are not for sale”.  He also explained to the press that none of the players had expressed a desire to leave the club and was not expecting any to do so.

The Everton Chairman spoke about the extensive search that has ended with the recruitment of Martinez, explaining that every Evertonian would have been convinced of Martinez’ credentials if they had been part of the interview process. Kenwright paid a visit to the FA Cup Final to study Martinez and was blown away in the first meeting between the pair, when Martinez explained how he had set out to beat City.


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