Moyes: Show me the money

David Moyes has yet again used his pre match press conference to reiterate his stance over his ongoing contract negotiations. It would appear the sticking point is around the level of transfer funds for next season.


Previously Moyes had indicated talks were on hold until the end of the season, however prior to the Stoke match, Moyes revealed that discussion are continuing and are moving in the right direction.

“I think we are making progress,” said Moyes. “What I mean is, I’m waiting on some information coming back to me and we’ll talk again when we get all that information.

“I’ve been given some indication of budget, but I’ve not been given the breakdown of it.

“I’ve been speaking to the chairman for three or four months, it’s been moving along, and all the things I’m doing are for the best of Everton, that’s what I’m trying to do, make the right decision for Everton. I would never do anything in any way that would have an adverse effect on Everton.

“I know what we are capable of, we have a really good squad, a small squad but one that is getting older and we need to replace that and change it around.

“I hope to have a clearer picture of what will happen and I wouldn’t have thought that would be too much to ask for really, I wouldn’t have thought that was a bad request. I’ve been here 11 years, and I think the club have now come out and said they’re happy with that.

Where those additional funds are to come from remains unclear. All Premier League clubs are to receive an extra £10 to £14 million next season thanks to the new TV deal, however that is unlikely to appease Moyes. Bill Kenwright has again spoken this week of his continued desire to sell the club, but as before, many remain sceptical that any deal to takeover the club is close. Champions League football would facilitate additional income from a number of sources. Not only would the club benefit from the significant sums available to all clubs competing in Europe’s premier competition, but the banks would also be far more willing to increase Everton’s borrowings.

There is a general acceptance that Marouane Fellaini will seek pastures new next season, certainly if the club fail to secure European football in the closing weeks of the season. Moyes would want complete control of any funds incoming from such a sale. Bill Kenwright indicated in midweek that would be the case, although whether all that could be directed towards transfer fees remains to be seen.

“The situation doesn’t really depend on Marouane’s situation, that is separate,” he says. “Let’s face it, who knows what will happen, who knows if he will go or not? You can’t work on that, can you?

Whatever happens, Evertonians appear to be in for an anxious start to the summer, with a quick decision clearly best for everyone. In the mean time, David Moyes has continued to plan for next season to ensure everything is in place for him or his successor.


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