Moyesie and the Skipper offer up an apology

Saturday’s match day programme has been released and the clubs publication offers an insight into the feelings of both manager and players in the aftermath of last weeks catastrophic defeat to Wigan.


David Moyes

It has been a tough week for us all and today we get a chance to try and put right a little bit of last week’s result and performance. Anybody who has watched my teams over the years would know that was nothing like what we’ve shown in the past…


…The players know what is expected here at Everton and they were told in no uncertain terms after the game against Wigan that it was unacceptable – and not just for the performance, but in many cases we lacked the attitude and determination that has to be shown every time they pull on a royal blue jersey.

Phil Neville used his captains column to offer his own view and also to apologise for his words in midweek which suggested mediocrity has become acceptable at Goodison.

…We’ve been hurting, make no mistake about that. We wanted to get to Wembley every bit as much as you supporters…


…Last Saturday was unacceptable. The team didn’t perform to the standard that Everton supporters have the right to expect, and we got what we deserved…


…Anyone who knows me, knows full well that ‘top 10’ isn’t good enough for me – and the tweets I received made sure I was aware of how the comments had been taken! Evertonians, quite rightly, have high standards for themselves and for their team and I can assure you that mine are just as high.



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