Disdain for the politics of Everton Football Club

I am not going to get involved with the politics of football, there is simply nothing I hate more.


Ok, so I don’t like losing, I wrestle with that feeling of despair that  grips you for days and weeks after a loss, knowing that you can do little about a defeat, but also knowing that three points or progression in the cup could have led the team towards glory.  But there is an acceptance, to truly enjoy the euphoria of victory, you need to experience the anguish of defeat.

However, the politics that grip a football club in times of desolation, have no place in my footballing world. When all is rosy, no one concerns themselves with the boardroom. When the football club is winning on the pitch, the manger and players receive all the credit and rightly so, but as soon as results turn, the board and the chairman are vilified. The true villeins of the piece, the culprits who have single handedly destroyed a football club from its core.

Now I accept that the current owners of our football club are not as idealistic as the national press would like to make out. A lack of money has strangled the life out of David Moyes and the results at times reflect this on the pitch. I am not and never will be a member of the Blue Union. Equally I am not Pro Kenwright. I am just tired of the battles, the infighting and the squabbles that occur on the terraces, in the pub and on the internet. The enjoyment of football, is the match day, the build up, the anticipation and the occasional victory, which in an ideal world, outweigh the number of defeats.

Everton Football should be battling for titles, but we have no divine right. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, it means a lot to all of us, but rash decisions invariably lead to greatness. I know everyone is suffering at the moment, but our next great victory may only be 5 days away. Stick behind the club, stick behind the players, because what is truly great about this football clubs are the loyal Evertonians who follow the club from defeat to victory, up and down the country, and further afield when given the opportunity.


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