Best of the Web: Old School Panini

Sometimes you just stumble across a brilliant website and this is one of those occasions. Thanks to a brilliant picture retweeted by @oldschoolpanini on twitter of Everton hero of the 80’s John Bailey, I thought I would delve deeper.

04-John BAILEY Panini Everton 1985
I was delighted to find out that not only did Old School Panini have a twitter page, they also had a web presence as well. Whether a lover of football stickers, or just interested to look at some old school footballers with dodgy haircuts that Fellaini and Baines would be proud of, is the place for you.

Now if you look at this site for the first time it is going to take some patience. For a starter, the site is in French, so unless you are a multi-linguist, get your Google translator working and enjoy the offerings of our French cousins. Secondly, there are not many menu options, so finding what you want to see is not particularly easy.  Thankfully they do have a search facility at the top of the page and a quick search for Everton, brings up a brilliant piece of the rivalry between the clubs in the mid to late 80’s. This three part series looks at the clubs in depth, featuring the epic seasons from 83-84 through to 87-88.

Planche Panini Everton 1987-88

Enjoy what you see, we certainly have, and it is bound to bring back some fantastic memories of swapping football stickers in the school playground and for those old enough to remember the glory days of the 1980’s.


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