Reviews: The Everton Encyclopedia

This brilliant book by James Corbett is a must for all Evertonians of any age. The book doubles as an excellent reference on all things Everton or for those wanting to make sure they know their history it takes you through in some detail every player to ever play for the Blues.


Best described by the publishers the book is:

Printed in full colour, expertly written and lavishly illustrated throughout its 656 full colour pages, this is an essential reference work for every fan of the People’s Club.

In this mammoth landmark book, author James Corbett has chronicled the individuals and incidents that made Everton into the great institution that we know today.

With entries on every man to pull on an Everton shirt, including more than 400 full biographical entries, some 350,000 words and utilising new and original research from the recently opened Everton Collection, Corbett’s book crosses new boundaries in the study of Evertonia.

Lavishly illustrated and printed in full colour throughout, this is a book that will be passed down through generations of Evertonians.

Nearly a decade after the first publication of his acclaimed narrative history of the club – Everton: The School of Science – and coming after deCoubertin Books’ publication of Everton: The Official Complete Record, this is the perfect addition to every Evertonian’s library.

The Everton Encyclopedia includes:

Full biographical and career details of EVERY Everton player to make a competitive appearance since 1887.

More than 400 full in depth profiles, including:
– Every player to make more than 15 starts since 1960
– Every player to make more than 30 appearances between 1945-59
– Every player to make more than 50 appearances in the interwar years
– Every player to make more than 100 appearances in the club’s first years
– All of Everton’s managers and other significant individuals in the club’s history

In addition there are more than 500 photographs, articles on all aspects of Everton’s history, their rivals and landmark events in the club’s rich and illustrious history.

The Everton Encyclopedia is available from de Coubertin books and priced between £25 and £35.


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